Nov 22

“Stay Up Late with HoloLens” – Dirck Schou

More than once, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night unable to sleep, and I’ll go into HoloMaps to do a little exploring.

As I head into the office today, my head is still spinning from last week. In case you missed it, my company, Taqtile, launched a new product for Microsoft’s HoloLens last Tuesday called HoloMaps. The launch received great coverage by a number of varied tech and mixed reality publications, some of which offered some valuable commentary: First impression: wow! In almost every Sci-Fi or near-future movie you can see hologram tactical maps or overview charts projected into the room (be it Ironman, Star Wars, whatever) — and with this app you can finally see it happen!”

Geekwire: Futuristic apps like this are a blast to play with, but they also represent a less exciting, but definitely practical, innovation for the business community: the evolution of working collaboratively.”

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