May 22

WHITE PAPER: How 5G and Compute Edge Will Transform Frontline Workers’ Job Instruction Workflow


A frontline worker at a large semiconductor manufacturer has just been warned of a pressure profile trending in the wrong direction which threatens a managed chemical process and could damage product. She has been trained on what to do but she is working in a new area of the plant and needs a refresher. So she heads off to find the paper binder outlining the Out-of-Control Action Plan (OCAP). She has little time to retrieve the information, map it to what’s happening on the line, and take the appropriate corrective actions before material will be damaged.


Indeed, business model changes with 5G connectivity could be quite significant to manufacturing, distribution and other enterprise vertical markets. 


5G technology and its utilization of cloud-based edge computing capabilities is expected to lower latency of wireless connections to as little as <10MS, a delay that is virtually undetectable by humans.   This will enable scenarios such as those described above where real-time sensor data can be incorporated with instructive, diagnostic information within a headset display to allow faster decision making and hands-free task completion.

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