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Thank you for getting the brochure on using Manifest for inspections. Manifest leverages augmented reality to make your workforce perform inspections, audits, compliance and quality checks faster and more accurately. Download the overview to learn more.

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Equipment inspections with augmented reality Taqtile Manifest white paper
Tim LeCrone. Director of Manufacturing Engineering at PBC Linear

After being introduced to Taqtile, we were able to grasp the concept that we could take this tribal knowledge, make an instruction on it that could be duplicated.

Tim LeCrone, Director of Manufacturing Engineering

PBC Linear

I’ve had a fantastic experience with Manifest. It’s very friendly to use for someone who has no technical background at all.

Derrick Francis, Director of Training

Learning Alliance Corporation

When you’re in the middle of a crisis, you’re not going to go pull out a binder and try to flip to a page. Taqtile had the perfect use case that would meet our needs at the county.

Tanya Hannah, CIO

King County, Washington