Taqtile Unveils Advanced Manifest Work-Instruction Capabilities for RealWear and Magic Leap

SEATTLE — November 2, 2021 – Taqtile enhances its support of diverse augmented reality (AR) headsets with advanced capabilities for the Magic Leap wearable computer and RealWare headset. Taqtile’s broad device support provides maximum flexibility to customers to outfit their frontline workers with the optimal tool to get the job done. 

Every job is different, requiring unique procedures and equipment specific to the environment. These factors, as well as the skill levels of the frontline staff, will dictate the right device for a particular job. By optimizing the Manifest® work-instruction platform on a broad variety of hardware – head-mounted displays, wearable computers, mobile devices, as well as the HoloLens 2, and iPad – Taqtile provides choice to its customers to select the best tool for deskless workers to complete complex tasks.

“Because there are a growing number of excellent headsets, each with unique attributes, it’s essential we deliver the Manifest platform on multiple devices,” said Dirck Schou, CEO, Taqtile. “We’ve made the strategic decision to optimize Manifest for a wide variety of hardware, empowering our customers to deploy the best solution for their businesses and their frontline teams.”

Manifest for Magic Leap

The Magic Leap wearable computer is a powerful spatial computing device. Its three core processors can support Manifest’s heavy-duty 3D visualizations and collaborative communications with remote experts. The latest version of Manifest is now available in the Magic Leap store.

Advanced Magic Leap capabilities: 

  • Shared holograms – Enabling team members to collaborate during a Manifest Connect video chat to provide a greater level of context and guidance supported by AR content. 

  • Hologram support in Notes – Holograms embedded in video and photo notes help operators better comprehend guidance and instructions. 

  • Gesture support enhancements – Providing users an enhanced hands-free experience when using Manifest and Magic Leap. 

Manifest for RealWear

RealWear devices provide a rugged, enterprise-ready solution for challenging environments. Taqtile is delivering its Manifest work-instruction platform for deskless workers to select customers, enabling frontline staff to access AR-enhanced information and guidance wherever and whenever needed.  

Manifest delivers two primary benefits to RealWear users:

  • Remote assistance capabilities – Allowing workers to quickly and easily chat with colleagues and remote experts for assistance from any location with internet access. 

  • Step-by-step work instructions – Enabling workers to scan a QR code and access details about specific equipment and any associated procedures, such as a maintenance routine or troubleshooting workflow.

Demonstrations available

Interested in learning more about how Manifest works on Magic Leap, RealWear, or another device? Sign up for a demo.

About Taqtile
Digital transformation of organizations’ operations continues to accelerate but silos of excellence and expertise still exist. Leveraging AR, cloud computing, and LTE/5G networks, Taqtile’s Manifest platform removes these silos with a single, integrated solution. Manifest enables flawless workflows everywhere and every time by aggregating the critical components of operational systems – people, procedures, places, and machines – so that jobs get done faster and better. Companies and defense organizations around the world recognize Manifest as a leading solution for improving operational proficiency and a platform that gives deskless workers instant virtual access to, and step-by-step guidance from, an organization’s most experienced technicians and trainers. Taqtile is the recipient of the 2020 Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner of the Year Award and included on the Fast Company “World Changing Ideas” 2021 list. For more information on Taqtile and Manifest, please visit www.taqtile.com

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