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Enterprise Solutions

We develop enterprise solutions and strategies for virtual reality, mixed reality, smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Our focus is on the user experience and the delight of your customer.

Transformative Experiences

Through constant study of market research and actual users, we bring humanity to each solution. Technology is a tool at Taqtile, not a final product. An experience, in the end should transform the lives of its users.


Not sure where to start? Our Workshop is designed to explore your current business needs and capabilities, and prepare you to embark on building a solution. We can help you create a concept and development plan on a scale and time-frame that works for you.


At Taqtile, design is paramount. From concept through to delivery, each pixel is created and reviewed by a team that is passionate about user experience. We are tech experts, so we won’t create designs that increase budgets — rather, we work within the boundaries of a given technology to maximize the benefits and functionality of the solution.


From mixed reality to mobile, our team has years of experience in bringing your ideas to life. We constantly evaluate the tools and technologies that will insulate your project from obsolescence and make your customers’ experiences responsive and delightful. We have multiple teams globally that can handle your needs, your way.


Taqtile’s Enterprise products are primed for customization to ensure a bespoke experience for addressing your business problems. You tell us what you want to see, and we make it happen. Our developers work on the cutting edge to deliver fresh and innovative solutions.


When you license a Taqtile product, it’s backed by the power of our development team. We know that no two businesses are the same, and you have your own unique needs. Our team will be there from the beginning, helping you deploy the product and ensure the best fit for your organization.

Maintenance & Roadmap

We recognize that may solutions require constant updates, attention, and evolution. We provide maintenance and roadmap services so your product can evolve with new operating systems and new features, while continuing to serve your business needs. Keep your solution updated, and keep your customers happy.

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