Pedestal for Shepherd.

Client: Shepherd

Product: Pedestal

Pedestal was implemented for Shepherd as a collaborative design tool for garments. A garment designer who has created a 2D pattern in a CAD application can import the CAD file into Pedestal, where it is stitched into a 3D holographic model of the garment. This allows Shepherd, which is based in China, to review projects with clients in France and Italy in real-time, rather than the costly and time-consuming process of having physical prototypes created and shipped to the client for review.

The Features.

  • Integration with CAD tools.
  • Turns 2D CAD patterns into 3D CAD models.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.
  • Pan, zoom, scale, and rotate.
  • Place notes and 3D annotations.
  • Voice-command enabled.
  • Capture pictures and video.