Our Story

Where We’ve Been

Taqtile began in 2011 with an opportunity to build mobile apps and platforms for AT&T. A year later we expanded our partner relationships with Salesforce.com and ESRI, adding Microsoft in 2013.

In just six years Taqtile has built some of the most compelling consumer mobile applications in the world. Companies like NBC, AT&T, Pepsi, Stanford University, Dollar General, and many others, have trusted Taqtile to lead their application strategies, development, design, implementation, and ongoing app evolutions.

Who We Are

Currently, Taqtile is focused on the rapidly emerging markets of mixed, augmented, and virtual reality. In 2015, Taqtile invested in an elite engineering team with specific skills in 3D gaming solutions. This team leads the 3D development for our product solutions.

With our 3D expertise, we have built HoloMaps, Manifest, and Pedestal. While built originally for HoloLens, our products are also available for use on other augmented and virtual reality platforms and devices.

Where We’re Going

The team at Taqtile is excited about the world-changing potential of mixed, virtual, and augmented reality. We are dedicated to growing and evolving our core product offerings, including extending to new devices and platforms. Our roadmap also includes expanding our staff and offices, and entering new markets worldwide.