Our Story

Taqtile is one of the few augmented reality companies that has shipping software for HoloLens, Magic Leap One and other AR and VR devices. Taqtile offers off the shelf software people can buy and put into use today.


Taqtile builds spatial computing solutions for Microsoft HoloLens and new mixed reality devices. Our solutions are platform open and cross-device enabled for desktop, mobile, Magic Leap, and VR devices.

HoloMaps is a collaborative holographic mapping and data visualization solution which is offered as a standalone app in the Windows Store and integrated with Manifest.

Manifest has two components; knowledge capture and knowledge reuse.

Knowledge capture. A subject matter expert, non-technical person, who is familiar with maintaining a piece of equipment, can capture how to operate that piece of equipment step by step by placing 3d checklists and recording audio, video, photographs and other pertinent media. That all gets stored in the Azure cloud.

Knowledge reuse. A trainee or a less skilled worker can come to that piece of equipment, or another instance of that piece of equipment in another location, and recall those step by step instructions and associated media and follow those step by step instructions.

Taqtile is one of the few companies that has shipping software for HoloLens and mixed reality devices. We have off the shelf software products that people can buy today and put into use today.