Laboratory Training with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for Laboratory Training

Laboratories require precision and expertise for research processes. With augmented reality (AR) training, lab technicians can quickly pick up skills in lab settings. At Taqtile, our AR training software Manifest® has transformed lab training for Novartis.

How Novartis Used Augmented Reality for Lab Training

Novartis is a medical research and development company that works to solve our biggest health challenges. The lab professionals at Novartis need intensive familiarity with laboratory processes to ensure accuracy and safety. The company found that Manifest was most valuable for LAS team training and administering certification for anesthesia machines.

To start the training process, a trainer authored a Job Template in Manifest for anesthesia machines. The trainer used leader lines to indicate where each step needed to take place on the machine. These steps also included 3D ink or shapes overlaid on the equipment to draw attention to the right spot. 

With the Choice Notes feature, the Novartis trainer could design multiple paths for the operator to take based on the job. These paths might include going to the next step or following a sub-procedure if the machine isn’t operating correctly. As operators work through the training process, they can capture evidence of the task for auditing and certification. 

In addition to creating pharma laboratory training with AR, Novartis also used Manifest Connect for troubleshooting with remote trainers. If operators had any questions as they learned, they could connect with a trainer over video who could view the machine from the operator’s perspective and add pointers and directions on screen.

The Advantages of Manifest

With Manifest as a training tool, Novartis experienced benefits like:

  • Improved accuracy: Easy-to-follow instructions with immersive AR make the training process more memorable and help new lab technicians maintain accuracy for different processes.
  • Easier certification processes: With the ability to capture actions through AR, Manifest makes it easier to prove training was complete for certification purposes.
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing: Manifest training programs deliver consistent information for every operator, so the knowledge-sharing process is more straightforward. Additionally, trainers don’t have to be available on-site every time a new operator gets trained.

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Manifest creates immersive learning experiences that improve knowledge sharing and precision on the job. Whether your company relies on a lab setting or another hands-on industry, Manifest can be the tool you need to enhance your training processes. Request a demo today to explore Manifest’s features.



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