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Laboratory Training with Augmented Reality

At Novartis the LAS team uses the Manifest® augmented reality platform to develop training and administer certification for anesthesia machines.

A trainer begins the project by authoring job templates as a numbered process without any programming assistance. During authoring, the trainer creates “leader lines” for each step to designate exactly where the trainee will be working on a machine. Each step has the ability to provide notes of 3D ink or shapes overlaid on the equipment to highlight an area of interest or concern.

The Choice Notes feature allows Trainers to designate multiple paths for Operators to choose from depending on the job or environmental conditions. Choice Notes allows the operator to continue to the next step, go to a sub-procedure, or link to an existing template on the current asset or another registered asset.

Once authoring is complete, trainees use job templates to complete procedures over physical equipment in the vivarium. Manifest allows evidence to be captured during the execution of a task for auditing and certification.

Through Manifest Connect it’s easy for a trainee to connect with a trainer in real time to answer questions, review a procedure, and collaborate on job steps. Manifest Connect allows the trainer to draw ink or place pointers onto the trainee’s 3D view to direct them to areas of interest and discussion.