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Augmented reality for manufacturing operations and industry 4.0

Capture your expert knowledge, before it disappears by using Manifest to standardize and digitize your operational and maintenance manufacturing procedures with AR work instructions and drive continuous improvements with a complete job management system.  

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Manifest is essential for PBC Linear's future and the future of US Manufacturing​ as a whole

Interns at a manufacturing company capture expert knowledge with iPads and create work instructions to guide less experienced workers through complex procedures on a production line

Manufacturing workers collaborate to diagnose and resolve a problem with an extruder on a production line using Manifest augmented reality and remote assistance capability

Maintenance crews use augmented reality work instructions to perform maintenance tasks flawlessly and consistently on the production line of a glass manufacturing company

A manufacturing business leverages augmented reality work instructions for assembly and maintenance to decrease training time from weeks to days

Easily capture your industry expert’s knowledge to create step-by-step augmented reality work instructions for on-the-job guidance and training within the manufacturing industry.

Manifest software can be used to create augmented reality work instructions enhanced with videos, photos, and virtual 3D models to provide expert guidance for the most complex maintenance procedures and production processes

Technicians proficiently follow manufacturing processes and procedures using Manifest but when they run into problems, they can use built-in collaboration capabilities to reach out to remote engineers for additional guidance and direction

Manifest, enables utilities technicians in the field to more efficiently inspect and troubleshoot using work instructions and remote assistance on RealWear and other devices – all while hands-free in hazardous and challenging environments

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Manufacturing work instruction software to capture expertise, drive knowledge transfer and increase operational efficiency

When expert manufacturing workers and maintenance crews retire, their expertise is lost forever. Manifest helps capture this knowledge to standardize and digitize even the most complex manufacturing and maintenance procedures. Knowledge is transferred seamlessly providing the needed competency, consistency and agility to address the growing workforce skills gap and the increasing complexity of the manufacturing companies’ operations. 

woman using augmented work instructions to complete a job

Document procedures and simply create step-by-step instructions

Your expert manufacturing workers can create Manifest AR work instructions with no coding or development. Enhance with spatially located content, videos and PDF documents. 

Increase operational efficiency with on-the-job guidance

Even the least experienced manufacturing worker or maintenance technician can complete complex maintenance tasks accurately by using manufacturing work instructions, enhanced with augmented reality and 3D visualizations and available when and wherever they need them. 

man using ar headset to perform a task
man performing task with ar work instructions on a tablet

Perform virtual inspections

Utilizing Augmented Reality inspections with standardized and easy to understand procedures, enables work to get done more accurately and consistently. Mistakes are avoided and scrap and reruns are minimized. 

Minimize downtime

Schedule and track maintenance tasks in real-time. Dynamic guidance, real-time tracking and reporting, and on-the-fly reassignments provide management tools to complete tasks accurately and on time un any work environment. Preventive and break/fix jobs are completed more accurately decreasing failures and downtime, even when less experienced work maintenance crews face a skills gap.  

man looking at work instructions on a tablet
man using augmented work instructions while performing a task

Accelerate troubleshooting and times to resolution

Provide dynamic, non-linear guidance and remote assistance to help technicians diagnose, troubleshoot, resolve unplanned issues faster. Leverage remote experts to decrease travel or address travel restrictions.

Perform better equipment and facilities inspections and audits

Manufacturing work instruction software provides step-by-step guidance and an integrated fault reporting and resolution system that enables inspectors to be more accurate and consistent. Built-in remote collaboration and team orchestration capabilities enable efficient remote and team inspections. 

augmented reality inspection instructions for a forklift
heads up display of augmented work instructions

Decrease on-boarding and training times

AR work instructions are the core to powerful manufacturing training software that provides an immersive, engaging, and flexible virtual training tool that promotes comprehension and retention. Training with 3D models, digital twins, and 3D visualizations minimize equipment availability delays and travel requirements while providing enhanced ways to investigate equipment virtually. 

Continuous improvement

Your manufacturing business will prosper when you get your production lines and assembly lines running more efficiently.  Collect job performance data by equipment, location, teams and individuals. Integrate IoT data and other business system data to build a complete archive and feedback loop to drive continuous improvement.

screenshot of cage wash safety training work instructions
woman in hard hat holding a tablet

Collect data for ML, AI-based intelligent solutions

Leveraging the latest technologies to enhance and aid (not replace) your manufacturing workers and maintenance crews requires data. Manifest can provide this data.  Manifest can collect maintenance, operational, and performance data as well as IoT data that can provide equipment and location specific data sets to inform machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions for preventive maintenance algorithms, inventory control and other operational solutions. 

Manifest is manufacturing work instruction software that offers a unique feature set with a differentiated architecture that offers flexible deployment options

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more