Flexible deployment

Manifest’s containerized architecture enables flexible options to deploy how and where you need it. Manifest can and has been deployed within secure environments, at organizations with enhanced privacy and compliance concerns, remote locations, disconnected facilities, as well as on the next generation, 5G networks. 


Deploy Manifest completely within your IT infrastructure. No hosted resources or connectivity to the internet required. Works in the most secure and remote locations. 

  • Increased security 
  • Complete control 
  • Compliance 
  • Support for austere or unconnected environments 
american submarine in the ocean
telecom worker in harness and wearing an augmented reality headset

5G private networks and multi-access edge computing

Leverage the latest mobile network innovation and deploy Manifest on a private 5G network or with 5G multi-access edge computing (MEC) network architecture to move computing resources closer to where they are needed. 

  • More security 
  • Increased control and flexibility 
  • Enhanced bandwidth and lower latency 
  • Better performance and responsiveness 

Private and alternate clouds

Use any cloud infrastructure.  By default, Manifest is hosted in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment.  But Manifest supports other private, public and government clouds. 

  • Alternate public clouds 
  • Secure government clouds 
  • Private, internally deployed clouds 

Contact sales for flexible deployment pricing and licensing options.

Contact sales for flexible deployment pricing and licensing options.