Deep dive into AR and work instruction helping drive Industry 4.0

This eBook explores how spatial computing technologies can enhance inspections across various industries, offering a compelling blend of precision, efficiency, and consistency.

Augmented training, based on AR-enabled work instructions, will fundamentally change training for the deskless workforce while driving efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness for organization.

iPad is a great option for both building and using AR-enabled work instructions today. They offer a versatile and user-friendly platform for presenting, interacting with, and managing work instructions.

Work instructions are an important, modern tool to help organizations capture institutional knowledge and expertise. When enhanced with AR and spatially anchored content, they provide always available and accessible job guidance to the deskless workforce. With some planning and consideration, building an effective set of work instructions for your organization can be easily achieved.

With increasing pressure to quickly and effectively train less experienced workers, organizations are challenged with documenting and sharing expertise and knowledge to enable their deskless workforce. And as industrial machines and systems continue to grow in complexity, even the most experienced workers need an agile approach to learning, upskilling and staying up to date so that they can competently operate and maintain the latest equipment.

Work instructions provide a modern tool for documenting procedures for on-the-job aids and training so that workers can get their jobs done more accurately, consistently, and safely.

Learn how to efficiently evaluate Manifest® AR in your facilities with your equipment and your people. Capture the metrics that clearly demonstrate how augmented reality work instruction transforms your operations and training.


Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.