How to design a successful augmented reality pilot project

Quickly digitize procedures and create step-by-step AR work instructions with AR content without any development or coding. Use your own subject matter experts – no special skills required and no difficult learning curve.

ebook planning a successful augmented reality pilot project Taqtile Manifest

Everything you need to for a successful AR pilot project

  • Good pilot use cases
  • Who to involve
  • Which devices to use
  • The right set of metrics to collect
  • How to evaluate your results
  • How to share your results

Accelerate your business objectives with an augmented reality pilot project

At Taqtile, we have partnered with many customers to perform instructional and productive pilots. And while each one is different, there are some fundamentals and best practices that can be considered to maximize the impact and results of the effort. Get the eBook to learn these best practices.