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Our mission

Empower deskless workers

to complete their job flawlessly, accurately, and to completion every time

80% of the global workforce is deskless. That’s 2.3 billion people who have been technologically underserved, misunderstood, and/or completely ignored. That ends here.

The job is the job

Everything we do, every product or technological innovation we make, exists to empower and equip people with the tools they need to complete their job flawlessly, accurately, and to completion every time.

We create the tools of tomorrow to improve processes and workflows, train the next generation of hands-on workers, and eliminate the barriers between machine and operator, location, and time.
We don’t spend time navel-gazing at what the future might look like: the future of the deskless workforce is already here. We’re just putting the right tools into the hands of those who truly benefit from them.


headshot of Dirck Schou Jr.

Dirck T. Schou, Jr.

Founder, CEO
John Tomizuka, Founder CTO, Taqtile

John Tomizuka

founder, CTO

Kelly Malone

Chief Business Officer
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Craig Olson

Chief Operations Officer
headshot of Tim Brillion

Tim Brillon

Chief Financial Officer

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Launched Manifest®



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Employees across three continents



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