About Us

Taqtile is changing the game when it comes to frontline worker skills capture, improved safety, and achieving proficiency in any industry. By creating an easy way for your workforce to retain and utilize internal expert sources, your organization can make Everyone an Expert.​

Our Work

Manifest embraces spatial computing to enable knowledge capture, knowledge distribution and knowledge management within your organization. Manifest allows your expert users to easily document and record their tribal knowledge and distribute it across an entire workforce. 

In Use


Dirck T. Schou Jr.


A business development leader by background, Dirck T Schou Jr is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Taqtile. Prior to starting Taqtile, Dirck held leadership positions in enterprise software and hardware companies including Phoenix Technologies, nCipher and Spring Wireless, and founded security company Vesper Networks.

Dirck’s career has been focused on growing technology companies from first customer to successful exit by defining and identifying market segment and establishing strong and effective partner ecosystems. Today he leads Taqtile’s efforts to bring digital transformation to industrial front-line workers through Taqtile’s Manifest platform.

In his spare time, Dirck enjoys the outdoors with his family in the Pacific Northwest.

John Tomizuka


Tomizuka is a pragmatic futurist who envisions and delivers systemic solutions using spatial computing (AR, MR, XR) solutions, problem solving, and knowledge transfer and is known for bringing a visionary mindset to helping others see what is possible. He creates cutting-edge products and solutions that prepare businesses for the future, particularly those that solve the problem operational readiness and knowledge attrition.

Kelly Malone


Kelly Malone is Chief Revenue Officer at Taqtile, responsible for global sales, partnerships, and marketing.  He joined Taqtile in 2015 following his role as Director of Business Development at Microsoft supporting the Windows Platform team and specifically the HoloLens.

A software technology veteran, Malone spent over 10 years in a variety of sales, business development and product management roles at Microsoft. Malone also held Sales Vice President roles at Accenture and Spring Wireless driving and leading enterprise software sales to Global 2000 companies.

Malone has a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Wales. He enjoys cycling and boating throughout the Pacific Northwest.