Aviation MRO Software - Augmented reality in aviation maintenance

Manifest digital work instructions for aircraft maintenance helps capture expertise, before it disappears, to provide on-the-job assistance and guidance to deskless workers enabling them to complete complex MRO procedures more accurately, consistently, and efficiently every time.

One of the biggest challenges we face when bringing on a new employee is the potential for errors and inconsistencies in their work as they come up to speed. Using Manifest, we see a big reduction in errors and improved consistency in job performance.

Manifest is used to create digital work instructions enhanced with videos, photos, and augmented reality to provide expert guidance for the most complex MRO procedures

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Like manufacturing environments, MRO shops can be made more efficient by enabling technicians and engineers to remotely collaborate to address maintenance work such as addressing service bulletins

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Manifest can be used to document the most complex aviation MRO procedures that can be used as an on-the-job aid or training for less experienced technicians, ensuring every job gets done correctly and accurately

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Aircraft Maintenance, Training and Inspection

MRO technicians use augmented reality work instructions as a training tool, in order to learn and master aircraft maintenance procedures

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Leverage aviation MRO software to enhance aircraft maintenance procedures

When experts retire, their expertise is lost. Manifest helps capture that knowledge to create easy to follow step-by-step AR work instructions for the most complex MRO procedures. With AR remote assistance, a fault reporting system, and a complete maintenance history and audit trail, Manifest is well suited for the complexity of MRO repair stations. 

Flawlessly perform MRO tasks with step-by-step instructions in our aviation MRO software

Even the least experienced worker can complete complex MRO tasks accurately with step-by-step instructions, enhanced with augmented reality and available when and wherever they need them. 

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Use augmented reality in aviation maintenance to schedule maintenance tasks and track in real time

Manifest provides a maintenance solution for maintenance departments. MRO procedures associated with specific equipment and locations can be scheduled and assigned to specific personnel.  Dynamic guidance, real-time tracking and reporting, and on-the-fly reassignments provide management tools to complete tasks accurately and on time. 

Employ airline MRO software to archive MRO task history for audit trails and compliance

Manifest can track what, when, where, and who performed maintenance tasks on which equipment, offering a good maintenance solution to the aviation industry. Workers submit photos, videos, and notes as evidence of task completion which is automatically archived in a complete audit trail.

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Perform virtual inspections using cloud based aviation MRO software

With built-in AR remote assistance capabilities and a full fault reporting and resolution system, Manifest enables virtual inspections for aircraft maintenance. Decrease travel and leverage the limited availability of your most skilled technicians and engineers for more efficient fleet maintenance and asset management.

Leverage augmented reality in aviation maintenance by using 3D models and digital twins to accelerate training

Train new technicians virtually using 3D models that simulate aircraft and components when learning aircraft maintenance systems and procedures. Decrease travel and waiting for equipment or aircraft availability. And leverage the power of 3D models and AR to provide a learning experience far superior to traditional methods 

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Utilize aviation MRO software to orchestrate different team members across maintenance departments

Assign responsibilities for large or complex MRO tasks across multiple team members. Manifest can be your aircraft maintenance solution that handles the orchestration and hand-offs and provide real-time status as well as job performance history.

Aircraft MRO software that provides integrated remote assistance

Chat with team members across the maintenance department, share live videos and service bulletins, and remotely guide less experienced technicians with built-in, enhanced communication capabilities. Reach out to colleagues while performing a MRO procedure and procedural details and status are automatically provided.  

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Collect data for ML, AI-based aircraft MRO software and maintenance solutions

Manifest can collect maintenance history and IoT data that can provide equipment and location specific data set to inform machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven preventative maintenance algorithms and solutions. 

Features of our cloud based aviaiton MRO software

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more


Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.