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The US mobile industry’s investments have been particularly effective in deploying the initial wave of 5G networks and providing a platform for further 5G innovations that will continue through the 2020s.
Extended Reality solutions have quickly proven to be more than just a tech novelty. Over the years, as the technology in the ecosystem has evolved, companies have begun to uncover endless new ways to leverage XR in day-to-day operations.
Much has been made of the metaverse as an emerging marketing, entertainment and gaming channel. A global market valued at $47.48B, the metaverse is expected to achieve a nearly 40% CAGR, growing to an astounding $678.8B by 2030, with some estimates showing growth projections into the trillions of dollars.
Magic Leap is all business now. Enterprises are looking for technology that can offer front line workers on-the-job training, which is especially important in operations with a high turn-over of low-skilled workers.