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Introducing Manifest Maker – a simple, free authoring tool to help you capture knowledge, document operating procedures, create digital work instructions, and build Manifest Templates faster than ever. Simply film a procedure and transform into step-by-step instructions in minutes

A simple tool for quickly capturing knowledge and creating digital work instructions

Document maintenance and operational procedures then share repeatable, step-by-step digital work instructions. Stop with paper instructions and other inefficient methods to document knowledge. Manifest Maker is the easy-to-use authoring tool to help start your digital transformation. Start capturing knowledge and creating digital work instructions that can be used by less experienced team members to address a skills gap.

Transform videos into step-by-step instructions 

Convert existing or new videos into easy-to-follow instructions, augmented with images, text notes, PDFs, and video clips. 

Transcribe and dictate

Use text automatically transcribed from videos or dictated to describe and explain the steps in your procedures 

Create and edit images

Create images simply by dragging and dropping still frames from a video. Then mark up these images with text and shapes. 

Scan and bookmark physical manuals

Scan documents to digitize text and use in your work instructions or bookmark PDFs at specific steps.

Export directly to Manifest or share with team members

Export directly to use with Manifest or enhance with augmented reality. Also share via PDF or in a format that can be used by other Manifest Maker users. 

man using manifest maker on a tablet

Simplify with the iPad

Leverage devices that your team have already invested in and use today


Manifest for iPad

Taqtile’s Manifest is designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.