The things we’re doing and thinking about

Manifest 2.4 introduces the Proxy Cube, an innovative new tool to help users work with large 3D models in virtual reality and augmented reality by offering a way to interact by proxy.
Manifest supports the DoD digital modernization strategy goals on the base and in the field by augmenting service member cognition, reducing cognitive stress, and capturing operations data in real-time.
Finding faults in processes, equipment, and facilities is to be celebrated. Fault reporting is a core maintenance concept used to increase operational availability and reduce operating costs.
For years we’ve been hearing about augmented and virtual reality solutions entering the mainstream, but year-after-year these future-looking consumer applications have struggled to find their mainstream niche. However, we believe 2021 is truly the year of AR – on the factory floor.
As businesses look to the future and we continue to adapt and develop our continuity of operations plans (CoOPs) for future disruptions, we have an opportunity to leverage technology tools and solutions to increase our preparedness.