The things we’re doing and thinking about

Today, we’re thrilled to announce one such moment: Manifest 3.0. This release introduces important functionality to enable the management and control of the publishing of new digital procedures within an organization and enables the highest levels of compliance, traceability, and accountability
Hand Notes are a new Note type that enables the recording and playback of hand movement as an augmented reality digital object. This provides workers with a better understanding of precisely where their hands should be located for a specific task.
We’re charging into the new year, working harder than ever to advance spatial computing. We are convinced now, more than ever, that this transformative technology will fundamentally change how work is done.
With the availability of Manifest 2.8 we have completely updated our end-to-end fault flagging and reporting workflow and enabled the ability to track and manage faults independently from Manifest Jobs and procedures.
Device flexibility is a critical design principle here for Manifest. We believe that different devices work better for different jobs and workplaces, so we have committed to supporting multiple platforms ranging from the latest AR-enabled headsets to PCs and tablets.
Touch Alignment enables Manifest users to place the Asset Tag virtually on an Asset Class, eliminating the need for printed QR codes. This is done by setting 3 virtual alignment points and placing a virtual Asset Tag in the desired position.
Reflecting on 2022, we are excited about the progress we made in making the easiest and most deployable AR-enabled work instructions tool even better. We focused on streamlining experiences, removing obstacles, and introducing new technologies.
A simple, free tool to help you digitize your procedures, create step-by-step work instructions, and build Manifest Templates faster than ever.
We have just updated the Manifest Web Application to add more support for spatial content when using a PC and a web browser. Using a 3D model, users will now be able to set and locate Asset Tags, the key reference point for any spatially located content, and a key initial step. 
Manifest 2.5 fundamentally changes how you get to work with Manifest. It surfaces the most relevant and pertinent information and data for you to limit your clicks and searches and get you where you want to be faster. In short, it helps you get to work faster and get your jobs done in less time.
We believe the iPad is an extraordinary device for Manifest users. It’s well suited for broad deployment and for many organizations, it is often already in use for other applications. So, we have invested heavily in the iPad app and worked hard to make it a “first class citizen” of the Manifest ecosystem.
Manifest 2.4 introduces the Proxy Cube, an innovative new tool to help users work with large 3D models in virtual reality and augmented reality by offering a way to interact by proxy.
Finding faults in processes, equipment, and facilities is to be celebrated. Fault reporting is a core maintenance concept used to increase operational availability and reduce operating costs.
For years we’ve been hearing about augmented and virtual reality solutions entering the mainstream, but year-after-year these future-looking consumer applications have struggled to find their mainstream niche. However, we believe 2021 is truly the year of AR – on the factory floor.
As businesses look to the future and we continue to adapt and develop our continuity of operations plans (CoOPs) for future disruptions, we have an opportunity to leverage technology tools and solutions to increase our preparedness.