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Introducing Manifest Maker

maker [mey-ker]

1. a person or thing that makes
2. a manufacturer
3. a person who has the hobby of creating tangible physical products, especially do-it-yourself technology and engineering projects

Hi there, makers.  We made a new app for you!   

Just point, click, drag, and drop. It’s never been easier to digitize work instructions. 

TLDR: watch this video 

Since day one at Taqtile, we have worked to make it as easy as possible to digitize procedures and create step-by-step work instructions. Today, there are several ways to build instructions with Manifest. They can be built in a browser, or out in the field using an AR headset, or even with a spreadsheet. There is no coding or development, or special skills required to make Manifest instructions.

But developing effective digital work procedures can still be challenging – especially if you are working on your first set. Some of the common challenges that we see often:

  • Documenting expertise and transferring knowledge is often ineffective today. Many organizations are using traditional methods to capture expertise that are expensive, time consuming, and produce documentation that just doesn’t work. Exit interviews often don’t capture enough. Consultants can create docs that aren’t usable. Job shadowing can be inefficient and variable. And if it is your first-time documenting, it is often hard to know how to start.


  • Existing documentation may not reflect reality. If you have existing manuals or other documentation, it may not always include all the steps required to operate a machine or complete a procedure. Experts may have developed their unique ways of getting work done. They may have developed short-cuts or even extra steps that help them get their jobs done faster or better. And this knowledge likely is not captured in a manual or policy document. So simply converting a manual to instructions may not work.


  • New devices have a learning curve. The benefits of AR and spatial computing are becoming evident, and this technology is beginning to transform the way deskless workers get their jobs done. But to fully realize the value of this technology, it is necessary to use new devices. And those new devices often introduce new ways to navigate, open and close apps, and enter text. So it may take some time and practice to learn how to use a device before creating work instructions.

Manifest Maker changes all of this.  Just grab an iPad and simply record an expert performing a job and then use the Manifest Maker app to transform this video into step-by-step work instructions in a matter of minutes. Maker is filled with features to make that easy

  • Record a procedure
  • Drag and drop stills and video clips to create steps
  • Mark up images with built-in tools
  • Auto transcribe videos and dictate text to use as notes
  • Scan and attach manuals to digitally transform text and bookmark schematics

Once you are done creating, share with other Manifest maker users, export as a PDF, or import directly into Manifest as a Job Template. Manifest can be used to enhance the digital work instructions with AR objects, 3D models, and spatially anchored content that’s accessible when and where workers most need it.

Down the app for free here.


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