Augmented reality software for the transportation industry keeps your fleets rolling and extends their service life

Transportation companies can capture their expertise, before it disappears forever by using to standardize and digitize maintenance procedures with AR work instructions. Efficiently manage the most complex vehicles and fleets and grow business flexibility, continuity and resilience within a transportation system.

This is how today’s airmen are learning. This is a prime example of how innovation will help our airmen meet their full potential.

Technicians use augmented work instructions in transportation to maintain equipment on vessels, performing standard procedures more accurately and consistently

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Technicians use augmented reality work instructions and remote assistance to inspect and commission infrastructure

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Augmented work instructions and 3D models are used to virtually train, increasing safety and eliminating the need to schedule equipment downtime, improving maintenance and operations for transportation companies

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Technicians use augmented work instructions to perform more accurate inspections of vehicles increasing time in service times

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Leverage augmented reality in transportation to capture expertise, decrease errors and accelerate turnaround times

Transportation systems and fleets are becoming more complex, and the need for longer service life is increasing, making transportation planning challenging. But experts with the required skills to maintain vehicles are becoming scare due to an aging workforce. When experts retire, their expertise is lost forever. Manifest helps capture this knowledge, before it is too late, to standardize and digitize even the most complex procedures. Knowledge is transferred seamlessly providing the needed competency, consistency and agility to address the growing workforce skills gap and the increasing complexity and diversity of fleets and transportation services. 

digital instructions overlay example for military pmcs

Document procedures and simply create step-by-step instructions

Your subject matter experts can create Manifest AR work instructions on the shop floor with no coding or development. Enhance with spatially located content, videos and PDF documents, and even virtual 3D virtualizations of vehicles. 

Increase operational efficiency with on-the-job guidance

Even the least experienced worker can complete complex maintenance tasks for transportation companies accurately with step-by-step AR work instructions, enhanced with augmented reality and available when and wherever they need them. 

man looking at a machine with augmented reality glasses
employee performing job task with augmented reality glasses

Reduce errors

Augmented work instructions in the transportation industry can be used to create standardized and easy to understand maintenance procedures that ensures work gets done more accurately and consistently. Mistakes are avoided and vehicles stay in service longer, increasing profitability in the transportation sector. 

Increase vehicle availability and utilization

Schedule and track maintenance tasks in real-time from the field or shop floor. Dynamic guidance, real-time tracking and reporting, and on-the-fly reassignments provide management tools to complete tasks accurately and on time. 

Preventive and break/fix jobs are completed more accurately decreasing failures and time out of service.  

transportation worker using laptops standing next to vehicle
soldier inspecting a tank with augmented reality goggles

Accelerate troubleshooting and times to resolution in the transportation industry

Provide dynamic, non-linear guidance and remote assistance to help technicians diagnose, troubleshoot, resolve unplanned issues faster. 

Remote assistance details
Branched work instructions

Perform better vehicle inspections

Step-by-step guidance and an integrated fault reporting and resolution system enable technicians at transportation companies to be more accurate and consistent. Built-in remote collaboration and team orchestration capabilities enable efficient remote and team inspections

digital work instructions for military vehicle
man inspecting plane landing gear while wearing augmented reality headset

Decrease on-boarding and training times

AR software for the transportation industry can provide an immersive, engaging, and flexible training tool that promotes comprehension and retention. Training with 3D models and digital twins minimize vehicle availability delays and travel requirements while providing enhanced ways to investigate equipment and vehicles virtually, making transportation systems more efficient and operationally resilient. 

Collect data for ML, AI-based intelligent solutions

Leveraging the latest technologies to enhance and aid (not replace) your transportation workforce requires data. Manifest can help here by collecting and aggregating maintenance, operational, transportation logistic, performance and IoT data for specific vehicles and locations that can be used to inform machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions for preventive maintenance algorithms, inventory control, warehouse operations, shop floors, transportation optimization and other components of a transportation systems.

augmented overlay and trucks driving on a highway

Manifest is differentiated and unique AR software for the transportation industry

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more


Manifest for iPad

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