Share data to and from Manifest

Manifest’s open APIs and pre-built connectors make integrating Manifest with existing business systems simple and seamless. 

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Open APIs for the ultimate flexibility

Manifest open APIs enable programmatically viewing, creating, and editing data associated with Manifest entities. Data can be bi-directionally shared with tradition polling approaches and event-based real-time updates. 

Integrate real-time IoT data

Manifest can integrate with IoT sensors and systems to incorporate data with procedural history and archives or display in real-time to help workers make better decisions. 

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Archive data in existing business systems

Manifest will share or collect data with work order and field service solutions, inventory, CRM, LMS, MES, SCADA, and other existing business systems. 

Schedule jobs and trigger workflows

Integrate with other systems to create, schedule, and assign Manifest Jobs. Or trigger downstream events based on Manifest events. For example, send a request to order a spare part to an inventory system based on a Manifest fault report.  

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Programmatically build content and manage users

Create Manifest Assets, Asset Classes, Locations and Jobs or add, delete, and manage users to expedite configuration and content creation.

Accelerate integration with pre-built connectors

Speed integration with Power Automate platform using Manifest’s pre-built connectors.

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Product differentiations and key features

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more