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Leveraging augmented reality for inspections

Manifest helps your workforce perform inspections, audits, and quality checks more accurately and efficiently. Modernize your inspection workflows and digitize the process of recording, resolving, and reporting faults and inspection results.

Discover how augmented reality and Manifest improves inspections and audits

Discover how augmented reality and Manifest improves equipment inspections and quality audits

A real great benefit is to produce a closeout package as you’re going through the process. That just saves you an extra step at the end of the project where typically we’re spending another day to capture the closeout information, where this could be doing it all along.

Defense Industry technicians utilize augmented work instructions to perform more accurate vehicle and equipment inspections decreasing maintenance inspection time and increasing time in service

Manifest with augmented reality is a powerful inspection tool that enableutilities industry technicians in the field to more efficiently inspect and troubleshoot using work instructions and remote assistance capabilities on RealWear and other devices.

When performing an inspection process or completing commissioning checklists, technicians can leverage step-by-step work instructions and integrated remote assistance capabilities to ensure additional visits and truck rolls are not required. Make equipment and  infrastructure inspections more accurate and less costly

Technicians operating in the aerospace industry learn inspection processes and maintenance techniques by following step-by-step work instructions enhanced with augmented reality, videos and PDF documentation

Easily capture your industry expert’s knowledge to create step-by-step augmented reality work instructions for on-the-job guidance and training within the manufacturing industry.

Manifest software can be used to create augmented reality work instructions enhanced with videos, photos, and virtual 3D models to provide expert guidance for the most complex maintenance procedures and production processes

Technicians proficiently follow manufacturing processes and procedures using Manifest but when they run into problems, they can use built-in collaboration capabilities to reach out to remote engineers for additional guidance and direction

Manifest, enables utilities technicians in the field to more efficiently inspect and troubleshoot using work instructions and remote assistance on RealWear and other devices – all while hands-free in hazardous and challenging environments

Inspections done well with augmented reality

A combination of real-time, always available step-by-step inspection guidance, automatic reporting and archiving of key results per facility, location and piece of equipment, and integrated remote assistance capabilities make inspections more efficient and accurate.   

man performing a task utilizing digital work instructions

Uniform fault reporting and resolution

Manifest’s built-in fault reporting system provides workers a consistent, integrated way to flag, describe, and resolve faults found during the inspection process.  Reports are automatically generated while inspections are being performed.

Accurate, consistent and efficient execution

Inspection processes are completed in a standard, step-by-step order where workers follow structured AR work instructions and must successfully complete one step before advancing and evidence of completion can be required while inspecting equipment. Following these work instructions will enable less experienced workers to safely perform an inspection process at an expert level.

woman using digital work instructions on a machine
overlay view of digital work instructions

Conditional and dynamic guidance

For more complex inspections processes, Manifest supports conditional paths where dynamic guidance and workflow will change depending on environmental conditions, worker input and other criteria. Real-time, IoT sensor data can be incorporated to aid workers with selecting the best path during equipment inspections.

Capture and record evidence

Inspectors can be required to submit a photo, a video, or meter reading at the end of each step or procedure to provide evidence of successful completion, better describe faults and expedite their resolution, or add more context to inspection records and history.

man using ar headset to perform a task
man performing task with ar work instructions on a tablet

Efficient remote inspections

Manifest’s integrated AR remote assistance capabilities, provides all the collaborative tools to enable remote inspections so experts can be leveraged efficiently to perform inspections procedures while minimizing travel. 


All work done with Manifest is recorded and reported as part of the inspection data. A complete job history is archived for any inspection or task started or completed.  Integrated reporting and APIs provide the means to use this data and integrate into existing business systems.

With augmented reality and a differentiated feature set, Manifest enables better equipment and maintenance inspections.

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more


Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.