Elevating Inspections:
Improving Accuracy,
Consistency, and Efficiency
with Spatial Computing

This eBook explores how spatial computing technologies can enhance inspections across various industries, offering a compelling blend of precision, efficiency, and consistency. We delve into the practical applications, benefits, and future potential of spatial computing in inspections, unveiling a change in thinking that promises to redefine inspection processes in the 21st century.

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The imperative for modern inspection tools

More training is needed but training the deskless workforce is fraught with challenges. And traditional methods are not keeping pace with both the rate of demand and rate of change. Embracing modern tools will be the only way to help workers gain more skills quickly, safely, and effectively.

Transforming inspections with spatial computing and AR-enabled work instructions

Spatial computing blends the digital and physical worlds seamlessly to enable people to interact with and manipulate digital content as if it were part of their physical environment. Information such as images, text, virtual 3D objects, and real-time IoT (internet of things) data is overlayed and anchored to the physical environment – enhancing interactions with the digital realm within physical surroundings and optimizing how people interact with machines, vehicles, and equipment.