Replicate Your Experts

Manifest is a mixed-reality solution for hands-free authoring of step-by-step instructions, allowing users to perform inspections, maintenance, and other complex tasks.

Infinite Possibilities

Manifest was created to fulfill the human potential behind Mixed Reality capabilities. While the simple application of a checklist is an effective technique for insuring consistency, it requires some base level knowledge of what the different possible fixes might be for a problem.

Execute. Learn. Track.

Manifest is a robust platform to assist workers in learning and executing complex tasks. What if an area expert could easily record and demonstrate processes, as well as communicate remotely with first person perspective for unexpected tasks? This is the promise of Manifest.

Microsoft Platforms

HoloLens, Azure, Windows, Surface, and Surface Hub. Government-grade security on Windows 10 platform

Integration Ready

Smooth integration with the existing systems and LOB apps.

Mixed Reality

User-friendly natural interface allows for hands free operation. A modular solution pushing to “the art of possible” leveraging Microsoft platform.

Deployable Today

Authoring component allows experts to capture & transfer knowledge out of the box, without an existing back end.

User Roles



The role for the user who is the knowledge expert and can create checklists and place steps in 3D space.



Follows directions left by the Author, accepts jobs from the board, and leaves evidence of what has been done in job history.



The role of the Inspector is to show compliance or non-compliance on a series of Government or Internal regulations.



Managers have a 2D and a 3D view of the number of jobs and their criticality, as well as total number or hours worked.

Designed for Modern Platforms

Manifest delivers real-world field service capabilities for the latest 3D, cloud and mobile platforms. Managers access IoT Dashboards using mixed reality 3D interfaces and 2D tools for mobile, tablets and desktops all with a secure cloud backend for real-time collaboration.

Manifest industries


Utility companies, such as energy and telecom, have an enormous investment that creates a huge outlay to maintain systems, as well as a high degree of regulation.


From empowering drivers to handle unforeseen challenges on the road to streamlining inspection for aerospace mechanics, Manifest creates a more efficient workforce.


For companies in the manufacturing business, inspection and compliance are both vital to keep their workers safe and their production lines running.


Manifest is appropriate for a variety of public safety use-cases, including crime scene analysis, disaster planning, and training for public safety officials.

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