Everyone is an Expert

Manifest delivers digital transformation and productivity to frontline workers. This end-to-end solution was conceived and developed with the ideals of simplicity, consistency, and scalability. With Manifest, Everyone Is An Expert™.

Capture and share knowledge. Manifest is ready to use immediately. Anyone can create content on real world equipment. Use Manifest software on a device or the Manifest web portal to quickly author stored procedures.

“This is how today’s Airmen are learning. This is a prime example of how innovation will help our Airmen meet their true potential.”

Shelina Frey, Chief Master Sgt., AMC Command Chief, USAF


Subject matter experts (Authors) can intuitively create stored step-by-step procedures with minimal training. Manifest does not require specialized knowledge of 3D, CAD publishing tools, or coding to create guided content.


Overlay markers and position indicators to identify key components and locations upon real-world equipment. Text instructions, 3D ink annotations, and attached document bookmarks can be created with ease.


In situ recording of multimedia content like videos, pictures, and audio using a HoloLens, Magic Leap, or iPad.


Utilize the Manifest web portal to easily add content such as static or animated 3D models, existing videos & pictures, as well as document & diagram attachments.

Employees can more safely operate, inspect and maintain equipment using overlaid step-by-step procedures. They can also skill-up in the classroom, office, or boardroom by reviewing the same procedures upon a digital twin.

“Training plant operators through the use of mixed-reality promises quicker, better and more economical results for the county—and better protection of our environment.”

Tanya Hannah, CIO, King County, Washington



Manifest works as a job aid with step markers overlaid on real equipment. Each step can display content such as text, videos, images, audio, ink, annotation, bookmarked documents & schematics, and more. Operate, maintain, repair, and inspect equipment safely and naturally using spatial computing.


Employees can review procedures on real equipment, replicas, or digital twins in the classroom or office accessing all the same materials that aid operators. Manifest is also an excellent tool for equipment sales training and customer familiarization.


Operators can leave evidence like pictures, videos, and text input to accompany the job record as a procedure is performed.


Operators have just-in-time access to the procedures they need when and where they need them. Procedures can be performed in online, or in offline mode with complete access to the steps and associated notes & content.

Integrate with Enterprise systems. Though Manifest can stand alone to Make Everyone An Expert, it also includes a documented API to enable bi-directional access to enterprise systems for asset management, resource management, work order management, learning management, and sensor data from IoT.

“Maintaining high system readiness is of paramount importance to the nation’s defense, and we are proud to work with Taqtile to bring mixed reality to the Defense maintenance enterprise.”

Munjeet Singh, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, Strategic Innovation Group


View jobs (work orders) along with their assignments, priorities, and status in the Job Board. Review completed jobs including task time and operator evidence for specific assets and locations.


Manifest consumes IoT data and presents it as meters & alerts that authors can incorporate into procedures and operators can view to get a current status of sensor data overlaid on the real equipment or its digital twin.


Conduct collaborative planning and situational awareness using the fully-integrated HoloMaps module. Visualize live as well as historical data feeds related to jobs and assets, including equipment alerts and IoT sensor information.


Generate tailored reports on task performance, job execution & evidence, assets and more.


Manifest is helping organizations increase efficiency and reduce errors by replicating knowledge of experts and enabling operators access to critical information for equipment and procedures.

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