Everyone Is An Expert

Manifest is a mixed-reality solution for hands-free authoring of step-by-step instructions by your knowledgeable experts, allowing operators and technicians to perform inspections, maintenance, and complex tasks. Powered predominantly through user generated content stored in a secure cloud, Manifest is ready to use and easy to use.

Execute. Learn. Track.

Manifest gives you the ability to generate and manage assets, jobs, checklists, site locations, 3D models and much more. An area expert can record and demonstrate complex processes which can be managed and distributed across the organization.

Infinite Possibilities

Manifest was conceived and created with the basic ideals of simplicity, consistency, and scalability to allow all industries and users the power to apply proven methods for successful and seamless organization, training, and learning.


Capture tribal knowledge of most experienced employees. Quickly author Job Templates for staff training and operational procedures on real equipment.


Dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of employee training to avoid costly maintenance mistakes.


Cross functionality with existing plant systems and IoT data monitoring maintenance and operations. Hands-free AR devices for staff to operate equipment.


Manifest authoring enables experts to capture & transfer knowledge immediately without an existing backend. No costly, lengthy custom software development.

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Utilize Modern Platforms

Manifest delivers real-world field service capabilities for the latest 3D, cloud and mobile platforms. Managers access IoT Dashboards using mixed reality 3D interfaces and 2D tools for mobile, tablets and desktops all with a secure cloud backend for real-time collaboration.

User Roles


Subject Matter Expert creates easy to follow, step-by-step checklists explaining “how to do a job” for staff to follow hands-free as they do their work.


Manages work orders and job assignments via the Job Board. Uses previously authored templates as guides for performing complex tasks.


Performs checklists on equipment assets and indicates any non-compliance which automatically generates new work orders in the Job Board and alerts staff.


Managers use 2D and 3D IoT Dashboards to view the number of jobs and their criticality, as well as total number or hours worked.


Utility companies, such as energy and telecom, have an enormous investment that creates a huge outlay to maintain systems, as well as a high degree of regulation.


From empowering drivers to handle unforeseen challenges on the road to streamlining inspection for aerospace mechanics, Manifest creates a more efficient workforce.


For companies in the manufacturing business, inspection and compliance are both vital to keep their workers safe and their production lines running.


From waste water treatment facilities to transportation maintenance Manifest provides access to critical information and accuracy for procedures.

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To learn more about Manifest and the positive impact it can have for your facility and organization, contact us any time and we’ll discuss the solution in detail and how it can fit into your work flow and systems.


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