Authoring content day one. Experienced field technicians easily author using an augmented reality headset or iOS device.


New hire onboarding, additional training, and continuing education are enhanced and streamlined by using Manifest.


Operators easily follow instructions to gain a new job skill, train on a new piece of equipment or enhance current knowledge.


Visibility from a global to first-person view. Interact with 2D and 3D information for situational awareness, safety and decisions.


Manifest® is an end-to-end, cross-platform solution developed with the ideals of simplicity, consistency, and scalability. Subject matter experts use augmented reality or iOS devices to capture knowledge and create content that increases teamwide efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration. All without the need for consulting or programming. Out of the box, Manifest empowers your experts to author job instructions that are immediately distributable to your organization.
Orchestrating task execution in unison.


Whether a planned team procedure or an operator unexpectedly needing to reassign a step or job to another operator, Working Together empowers users to collaborate by creating teams, assigning jobs or individual steps.

Real-time knowledge access from anywhere.


Connect users via the Client Portal or 3D headsets.

  • Real-time chat
  • 1:1 audio and video calls 
  • Initiate a call from any job step
  • Share photos, videos, PDF’s and jobs


This is how today’s Airmen are learning. This is a prime example of how innovation will help our Airmen meet their true potential.- Shelina Frey, Chief Master Sgt., AMC Command Chief, USAF
Training plant operators through the use of mixed-reality promises quicker, better and more economical results for the county—and better protection of our environment.- Tanya Hannah, CIO, King County, Washington
Maintaining high system readiness is of paramount importance to the nation’s defense, and we are proud to work with Taqtile to bring mixed reality to the Defense maintenance enterprise.- Munjeet Singh, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, Strategic Innovation Group