Empower the doers

By leveraging augmented reality and spatial computing technology, Manifest software improves operational workflows so that jobs get done more accurately and consistently. Deskless workers can document maintenance and operational procedures, follow step-by-step work instructions, remotely collaborate with experts, and analyze job performance and history in the spatial computing world of Manifest.

Manifest® AR Work Instruction Software Platform

Manifest is essential for PBC Linear’s future and the future of US manufacturing as a whole.

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Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support. 

Comprehensive, end-to-end, spatial computing work instructions and job platform

Workers use the Manifest software platform to capture and document expert knowledge and follow step-by-step spatial computing work instructions to help complete jobs more consistently and error-free.

men using ar work instructions on a manufacturing machine

Easily capture and harness the knowledge of your experts and most experienced employees

Apply expert knowledge to help workers complete jobs and training more consistently and accurately

  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions augmented with augmented reality technology, 3D objects, videos, photos, digital documents, and real-time IoT sensor data  
  • Worker generated video, audio and text notes for evidence of job completion and accuracy 
  • Shared work instructions with job assignments across multiple workers 
  • Complex branched, nonlinear workflow guidance
  • Complete fault reporting system to easily flag, resolve, and archive operational and procedural faults for improving auditing and inspections 
man using ar headset to perform a task
man performing task with ar work instructions on a tablet

Remotely connect, collaborate, and assist

  • Integrated connectivity and collaboration capabilities to enable video chats and file sharing 
  • “See-what-I-see” video streaming and sharing 
  • Remote direction and guidance with augmented reality and eye tracking 
  • Designed for low bandwidth but works great on the latest 5G networks

Manage, coordinate, and track job performance

  • Scheduling and assigning of jobs across teams and individuals, regardless of location 
  • Complete job performance history by equipment, location, worker and team and inclusive of IoT sensor data 
  • Integration with back-end enterprise systems of record including MES, ERP, LMS, field service systems Ability to automatically trigger downstream workflows such as part ordering and technician scheduling 
screenshot of pedal installation work instructions
man doing a task with ar goggles and work instructions

Distribute your experts’ knowledge where and how you want with Manifest platform flexibility

  • Support for authoring and operating online or offline in secure, remote, and austere locations  
  • Multi-cloud, hybrid, on-premises, and 5G/MEC deployment options 
  • Broad device support including HoloLens, iPad, and Chrome browsers 
  • Enterprise grade, secure platform with encryption, backup, and role-based security 

Collect data for data analysis and ML, AI-based preventive maintenance solutions

Manifest AR software can collect maintenance history and IoT data that enables data analysis and can provide equipment and location-specific data sets to inform machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven preventive maintenance algorithms and solutions.

augmented overlay and trucks driving on a highway

Manifest – easy to buy, easy to use

Manifest subscriptions make it easy to deploy, use, and manage Manifest across your organization and teams. Store your documented procedures in the cloud, access from different devices, record results and share data with business systems. 

Flexible Device Options

Manifest software supports a broad set of devices to optimize usage for each person, location, and task.

Flexible Deployment

Manifest’s containerized architecture enables flexible options to deploy how and where you need it.

Flexible Subscriptions

Flexible, hosted, annual subscriptions that include AR-enabled work instructions and built-in remote collaboration capabilities 

Product differentiators and key features

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more

Analytics and reporting

Business analytics that make the difference

Manifest software automatically captures and archives job performance data so that individuals, teams, managers, and data scientists can understand how to improve procedures, worker performance, operational efficiency, and product quality.