Manifest Subscriptions

Flexible, hosted, annual subscriptions that include AR-enabled work instructions and built-in remote collaboration capabilities 

Manifest – easy to use, easy to buy

Manifest subscriptions make it easy to deploy, use, and manage Manifest across your organization and teams. Store your documented procedures in the cloud, access from different devices, record results and share data with business systems. 

Available with standard subscription

  • Configure domain settings 
  • Create and configure equipment, equipment classes, and locations 
  • Configure and manage IoT settings and mappings 
  • Configure and manage users and their security settings 
  • Configure and manage client settings 
  • Create, manage, and assign Jobs (work instructions associated with specific equipment and assigned to specific people)
  • Create and manage an unlimited number of Manifest Templates
    (job procedures)
  • Create and import Manifest Templates
    (step-by-step procedure) using Excel
  • Upload and manage 3D models to enhance work instructions 
  • Upload and manage documents, videos and photos to enhance work instructions 
  • Define and require work completion evidence 
  • Run, edit or re-assign Manifest work instruction procedures (Jobs) 
  • Capture and submit work completion evidence 
  • Flag, review and resolve faults 
  • View configured equipment, equipment class, and locations 
  • View and export work instructions 
  • View real time Job (work instructions for specific people and equipment) progress 
  • View and export Job history 
  • View and export Job evidence (work completion evidence) 
  • Chat with individuals and groups  
  • Share documents, photos, audio files, and videos 
  • Share or view “see what I see” video streams 
  • Share work instructions 
  • Provide or view remote guidance via holographic images 
  • Integrate real-time IoT data with work instructions 
  • Integrate IoT data with Manifest data and reports 
  • Integrate Manifest with business systems to assign work instructions and schedule Jobs 
  • Integrate Manifest with reporting solutions for analysis and archiving 

Pricing available for on-premises, alternative hosting and edge deployments. Discounts available for enterprise volume deployments and educational organizations. Term licensing available for Department of Defense.

Manifest subscription FAQ

No, there are no additional costs for new users when using the cloud hosted SAAS implementation of Manifest.  Manifest is a no-code solution that doesn’t require programming or special skills. So, your internal experts can easily configure, create and use Manifest work instructions. 

Manifest Connect, Manifest’s remote collaboration and communication capability, is built-into the Manifest platform and all users (and licenses) have the ability use this functionality. Manifest Connect enables text and video chats, document and media sharing, AR-enabled guidance, and “see-what-I-see” video sharing. 

No. The standard implementation of Manifest uses a cloud hosted, SAAS model that doesn’t require installing or managing applications. There may be special permissions for location or device access that may require involving your IT team when configuring and using Manifest. 

Taqtile offers several optional support and service offerings. For more details, please review the Manifest pricing page or contact Taqtile’s sales team. 

Yes. There is an option to pay monthly for Manifest licenses. However, an annual subscription offers the best pricing. 

Standard Manifest licenses are sold as a monthly or annual subscription. Subscriptions can be canceled at anytime and will not renew at the end of the committed period if canceled.  

Yes.  New licenses can be purchased, and new users can be added at any point in the contract. New subscriptions will be pro-rated. 

No. Updates and upgrades are included in the cost of the subscription.  New products may require new licenses and costs. 

Yes.  Manifest’s containerized architecture supports on premise, private cloud, alternate clouds, and edge deployments. Please contact sales for additional details. 

Yes. Manifest’s open APIs enable data sharing to and from Manifest to other billing systems such as CRM, ERP, MES, LMS, field service, and other systems.  Manifest also supports the integration of data from IoT sensors. 

Yes, special pricing to enable enterprise-wide deployments and usage, is available with volume commitments. Please contact sales for details. 

Yes, please contact sales for details.  

Taqtile follows industry standard best practices for handling and protecting customer data. Also, every customer who is trialing or using Manifest, is provided with a dedicated cloud tenant that is exclusive to their usage and their data.  For more details on Taqtile’s policies and practices, please review our Privacy Policy.  

  • What payment types can be used? 
  • Taqtile accepts the standard credit card types: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. 
  • Is the payment tool secure?  
  • The payments tool uses multiple layers of security to protect sensitive payment information. The payments tool is built using Stripe's API integration to manage the secure collection and transmission of payment data. Your buyer's payment credentials are encrypted and tokenized by Stripe to help ensure that unauthorized parties do not gain access to sensitive payment information. 
  • Do you accept payments from trial users outside of the US? 
  • Yes, you can accept card payments denominated in US dollars from buyers outside the US.  
  • I want to update my payment method; how do I do that?