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Use augmented reality for maintenance activities to perform tasks flawlessly and consistently

Manifest AR step-by-step work instructions provide on-the-job assistance and guidance to deskless workers enabling them to perform standard, preventative, unplanned, and break/fix equipment, vehicle and facility maintenance procedures more accurately, consistently and efficiently every time. 

Watch this video to learn how one company used augmented reality for maintenance activities

Watch this video to learn how one company used augmented reality for maintenance activities

Manifest is invaluable because we can get it right the first time and not spend money on the return trips and fixes.

Operations manager, Timberline Communications, Inc.

Naval maintenance crews follow step-by-step work instructions to complete industrial maintenance more accurately and consistently

Digital maintenance procedures enhanced by augmented reality and videos can be used as on-the-job aids as well as training material to ensure your energy and utilities workers are able to perform their jobs consistently and accurately 

Aerospace industry technicians can learn preventative maintenance procedures faster by using work instructions enhanced by augmented reality to interact with physical and virtual equipment

Easily capture your industry expert’s knowledge to create step-by-step augmented reality work instructions for on-the-job guidance and training within the manufacturing industry.

Manifest software can be used to create augmented reality work instructions enhanced with videos, photos, and virtual 3D models to provide expert guidance for the most complex maintenance procedures and production processes

Technicians proficiently follow manufacturing processes and procedures using Manifest but when they run into problems, they can use built-in collaboration capabilities to reach out to remote engineers for additional guidance and direction

Manifest, enables utilities technicians in the field to more efficiently inspect and troubleshoot using work instructions and remote assistance on RealWear and other devices – all while hands-free in hazardous and challenging environments

Complete industrial maintenance more accurately and more consistently

Manifest not only provides a hands-on, job aid with easy to follow and understand step-by-step AR work instructions, it provides a complete system for scheduling, tracking, and archiving maintenance activities, and history as well as integrated AR remote assistance and fault reporting and resolution capabilities. 

Flawlessly perform with on-the-job guidance

Even the least experienced worker can complete complex preventive maintenance activities accurately with step-by-step instructions, enhanced with augmented reality and available when and wherever they need them. 

utility worker in a harness on a cell tower
overlay of digital work instructions in front of a machine

Schedule and manage maintenance tasks

Preventive maintenance associated with specific equipment and locations can be scheduled and assigned to specific personnel.  Dynamic guidance, real-time tracking, and on-the-fly reassignments provide management tools and data analysis to complete tasks accurately and on time. 

Orchestrate across team members

Assign responsibilities for large or complex equipment maintenance activities across multiple team members. Manifest will handle the orchestration and hand-offs and provide real-time status and data analysis as well as archived history. 

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cage wash rack wash safety training screen shot

Track and archive industrial maintenance activities and history

Manifest can track what, when, where, and who performed maintenance  on which equipment. Maintenance technicians submit photos, videos, and notes as evidence of task completion which can be incorporated into “close-out” packages that are automatically generated and archived.

Flag, report, and resolve faults

Faults can be flagged during inspections and other industrial maintenance activities to trigger resolution workflows or additional maintenance work assigned to specific equipment and personnel.

forklift daily checklist digital instructions
man performing task with ar work instructions on a tablet

Address unforeseen challenges with integrated AR remote assistance

Chat with team members, share live videos and documents, and remotely guide less experienced colleagues with built-in, enhanced remote assistance capabilities.  Review call history and reach out to colleagues while performing a task and procedural details and status are automatically shared. 

Collect data for data analysis and ML, AI-based preventive maintenance solutions

Manifest can collect maintenance history and IoT data that enables data analysis and can provide equipment and location specific data set to inform machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven preventive maintenance algorithms and solutions. 

augmented overlay and trucks driving on a highway

Differentiated step-by-step work instructions that leverage augmented reality for maintenance activities

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more