Product overviews

Learn more about the Manifest work instruction platform, capabilities, and use cases

Digital transformation of organizations’ operations continues to accelerate but silos of excellence and expertise persist. Leveraging technologies such as AR, cloud computing, and LTE/5G networks, Manifest removes these silos with a single platform.
Manifest helps modernize inspection procedures, digitize the process of recording and resolving faults and enable less experienced inspectors to be more accurate. Inspection results are automatically archived and fully traceable. Completion evidence, fault reporting and detailed work logs promote accountability.
Manifest was designed to work in your environment, with your devices, and with your existing business systems. Manifest open APIs and pre-built connectors enable sharing Manifest data to and from these other systems.
For more complex work instructions, Manifest Choice Notes provide workers with multiple work instruction paths or branches. Workflow can dynamically change based on a worker’s selection which could depend on specific criteria during job execution.
Manifest analytics enables stakeholders to stay in sync with job status and performance from the shop floor or the field, ensuring traceability for audit and compliance purposes and driving continuous improvements in procedures and people across places and equipment.