Use augmented reality work instructions in energy and utilities industries to stay compliant and meet safety and operational goals

Utility companies and energy employers can capture engineering knowledge and expertise by using Manifest to standardize and digitize maintenance and operational procedures with AR work instructions. Optimize knowledge transfer to decrease the risk of catastrophic failures, making your operations safer and more resilient while meeting service level agreements.

When you’re in the middle of a crisis, you’re not going to go pull out a binder and try to flip to a page. Taqtile had the perfect use case that would meet our needs at the county.

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Field service technicians can use augmented reality work instructions in energy and utilities to prep equipment for on-site installs to decrease expensive errors and delays in the field

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Field service technicians can use augmented reality work instructions with remote assistin energy and utilities to prep equipment for on-site installs to decrease expensive errors and delays in the field

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Field workers can leverage augmented reality for engaging and effective hands-on training in real-world work environments, decreasing the time to productivity for new utility employees and ensuring seamless service delivery

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Manifest enable field workers to more efficiently inspect and troubleshoot using work instructions and remote assistance capabilities making the power and utility sectors more efficient

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Leverage augmented reality in the energy industry to digitize and document procedures to increase safety, compliance, and operational resiliency while optimizing service delivery

Utility companies are undergoing massive change driven by renewable energy demand, sustainability, and technology innovation in the power sector. Manifest can provide the innovation needed to drive operational improvement, address compliance, and help manage the digital adoption and rapid technological change required for optimizing business processes.  Manifest helps capture knowledge to standardize and digitize even the most complex procedures providing maintenance and field service technicians with on-the-job guidance and aids to develop the competency, consistency, and agility to be safe, compliant, and productive in the turbulent work environments.

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Document procedures and simply create step-by-step instructions

Your engineers and field service technicians can create Manifest AR work instructions with no coding or development. Enhance with 3D graphics and visualizations, spatially located content, videos and PDF documents. 

Increase operational efficiency with on-the-job guidance

Even the least experienced utility employees can complete complex maintenance tasks accurately with step-by-step instructions, enhanced with augmented reality and available when and wherever they need them. 

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Reduce errors and avoid catastrophic failures

With digitized, standardized and easy to understand maintenance processes, work can get done more accurately and consistently in the power sector. Mistakes are avoided and operational resiliency is increased, while service delivery is maintained.

Increase safety

Provide maintenance and field service technicians with standardized instructions available anywhere and anytime they need them in their work environments. Require workers to read and acknowledge safety warnings before moving to the next step.  Include documented safety information as well as real-time hazard warnings overlayed within worker’s field of vision while on site visits. 

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Accelerate troubleshooting and times to resolution

Provide dynamic, non-linear guidance and remote assistance to help utility employees diagnose, troubleshoot, resolve unplanned issues faster. 

Perform better inspections

Step-by-step guidance and an integrated fault reporting and resolution system enable technicians and field workers to be more accurate and consistent. Built-in remote collaboration and team orchestration capabilities enable efficient remote and team inspections. Minimize inspection times, decrease the number of truck rolls, and make field service technicians more efficient and productive. 

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Decrease on-boarding and training times

Use augmented reality work instructions for energy and utilities sectors to provide an immersive, engaging, and flexible training tool that promotes comprehension and retention. Training with 3D graphics and visualizations minimize equipment availability delays and travel requirements while providing enhanced ways to investigate equipment virtually in safe work environments. 

Collect data for ML, AI-based intelligent solutions

Leveraging the latest industry technology to enhance business processes requires data capture and data access. Manifest can help collect and aggregate this data.  Manifest collects maintenance, operational, and performance data as well as IoT data that can provide equipment and location specific data sets to inform machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions for preventive maintenance algorithms and other operational solutions. 

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Manifest enables augmented reality in the utility and energy industries with a differentiated feature set and unique architecture that provides flexibility

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more


Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.