Augmented reality remote assistance integrated in Manifest

Remote assistance helps workers get jobs done faster and more accurately when work is shared and coordinated across teams and workers can get help from experts whenever and wherever they need it.

This product looks like it has limitless use cases for the industry. I see the remote support as a huge value add.

Field service technicians in the utilities industry get it right the first-time using Manifest’s integrated remote assistance to reach out to remote experts via remote assist mobile calls and share video and solicit guidance

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When faced with unforeseen problems, manufacturing technicians can reach out to remote engineers for expert guidance and direction, decreasing downtime and travel

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Navy maintainers become self-sufficient while out at sea, following Manifest augmented reality work instructions to perform procedures flawlessly and collaborating with remote experts when faced with problems

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Technicians proficiently follow operational procedures using Manifest but when they run into problems, they can use built-in remote assistance capabilities to reach out to remote engineers for additional guidance and remote assist 

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Augmented reality remote assistance

Integrated AR remote assistance and collaboration tools are built for every Manifest license and are available to every user.

Augmented reality remote assistance

Enable more collaboration with individual and group chats, live 2-way audio, “see-what-I-see” video, and document and 3D model sharing during a remote assist mobile call.

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example of digital work instructions and remote assist

Remote expert guidance

Remote expert assistance guides colleagues with directions arrows, holographic targeting, and live annotations. Share new step-by-step work instructions on the fly. Work together and increase collaboration.

Working together

Increase productivity by sharing AR work instructions and real-time job status across team members during a remote assist call. Use built-in communication capabilities to collaborate on unplanned issue resolution and on-the-fly reassignments. 

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Remote inspections

Utilize AR collaborative tools to enable remote inspections to scale expert knowledge by leveraging experts efficiently and minimizing travel.

AR remote assistance that is different


Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.