Augmented reality for employee training

Manifest removes traditional barriers to training such as expert and equipment availability, travel, inadequate and unproductive classroom environments, by providing an on-the-job AR learning tool. It uses spatial computing technology that provides a learning environment that uses immersive training methods to get less experienced workers up to speed and productive faster.

With this software, we’re able to put a headset on someone the day they start and make sure they’re getting trained with the templates we want to train them on. We’re able to get them caught up to speed in as little as three days.

With the most skilled manufacturing workers retiring, workforce training and more effective learning content and training software is paramount.  Manifest provides a tool to capture expertise before it is lost forever and document procedures to help the next generation of deskless workers to be just as productive

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Manifest enables a new training process with innovative learning content. Workers can practice procedures and learn reactive measures by following step-by-step procedures using actual equipment before critical events occur

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US Navy ship board maintenance and training

Transportation industry workers can develop skills and learn procedures faster by virtually working with equipment and following work instructions enhanced with augmented reality

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Documented step-by-step procedures enhanced by augmented reality promotes skill development and knowledge retention and out performs traditional training courses for utility industry workers

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Using augmented reality for training accelerates skill development, comprehension and knowledge retention

Manifest’s immersive augmented reality environment and employee training content accelerate understanding and facilitate knowledge retention. With a hands-on immersive experience, using real or virtual equipment, deskless workforce training helps employees understand complex tasks faster and retain more to complete procedures more accurately and consistently over time.

Use AR employee training to learn in an immersive environment

Augmented reality and training material enhances the learning experience by providing more data and context overlaid on real world or virtual equipment while focusing students on learning the task.  Students can follow AR work instructions for structured learning and training experiences at their own pace.

digital instructions overlay next to computer screen
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Employ augmented reality job training to address deskless workforce training needs

Do away with uncomfortable, unproductive, and inflexible classrooms. Train in the field with real or virtual equipment. Better learning content and an enhanced process provide better deskless workforce training support.

Make equipment accessible by utilizing augmented reality for employee training

Don’t be limited by equipment that can’t be taken offline or that is too big to move and ultimately prevents addressing key training opportunities and needs. Incorporate virtual equipment and digital twins in learning content so that equipment can be manipulated and examined anywhere, anytime and deskless workers have access to a level of detail that is not possible with physical equipment. 

hull hydraulics digital instructions overlay for a tank
digital work instruction overlay example

Utilize augmented reality employee training to scale your experts and accelerate skill development

Leverage your limited experts more effectively and create better training programs and materials by enabling self-directed training, self-assessment with audit trails and integrated remote collaboration and assistance for ad-hoc guidance.

Appeal to younger workers and drive knowledge retention with AR employee training

Many young workers have grown up with smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and video games. They tend to embrace and benefit from augmented reality job training tools which present learning content that is familiar and informative.

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Address deskless workforce training needs with augmented reality job training

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more


Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.