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Flexible Device Support

Manifest supports a broad set of devices to optimize usage for each person, location, and task. From leading edge AR-enabled head-mounted displays to well-known and widely used iPads, teams have the flexibility to choose the best device to get the job done. 

Review device choices for AR-enabled work instructions here

Choose the right tool for the job

Manifest supports a broad set of device options.  Choose a device optimized for AR content creation and viewing or one that promotes hands-free usage with voice commands and gesture navigation. Or stick with a PC and browser to optimize for data entry, procedure documentation and configuration. 

Head-mounted displays

AR headsets or head-mounted displays such as Microsoft’s HoloLens and the Magic Leap offer leading edge technology, support for augmented reality, and good hands-free navigation. 

pbc linear employee using an augmented reality headset
man using augmented work instructions on an ipad


iPads provide an affordable and well-known device that often are already deployed. Decrease learning curves and leverage previous investments with this pragmatic choice. 

Browsers and PCs

Don’t forget the workhorse combination of the browser and PC. It is hard to beat the utility of this combination for text entry, configuration, and on-going management of Manifest work instructions. 

man at a desk using manifest on a laptop
man in orange hard hat wearing harness and augmented reality headset

RealWear wearable

If your tasks take you where environments are harsh, devices need to be rugged, and hands-free use is critical for safety, RealWear’s wearable tablet provides a solid, proven option.

Android devices

Google’s Android provides the most options and flexibility. It’s the most popular platform worldwide with the most OEMs building devices purpose-designed for industrial application.

man in hard hat looking at android smart phone

Product differentiations and key features

Manifest’s open APIs enable real-time and archived data to be shared with IT systems. Learn more