Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support. 

The new Manifest for iPad UX makes accessing and using the software’s functions easier than ever. Manifest for iPad allows us to utilize more videos, schematics, and instructions simultaneously, which is a major benefit to Fastenal’s machinists on the shop floor.

iPads are a great tool for the deskless workforce

Manifest supports a broad set of devices to optimize usage for each person, location, and job. From leading edge AR-enabled head-mounted displays to tablets and wearables, Manifest offers flexibility and choice to enable deskless workers to do their jobs better. 

iPad is an excellent choice for both creating and using Manifest AR-enabled work instructions. And we have built two apps to leverage its capabilities. 

Manifest Maker

A simple, free tool to help you digitize your procedures, create step-by-step work instructions, and build Manifest Templates faster than ever.

Manifest for iPad

Comprehensive Manifest capabilities that enable creation, use, and management of AR-enabled work instructions and remote assistance from the iPad.


Over 10 years old and 425 million sold, the iPad is globally used by all generations. People already use them at home and at work so using them with Manifest minimizes learning curves and decreases the time to productivity. 


iPads offer a simple, minimalistic interface that is easy to understand and navigate and provides clear visual feedback. Its touch-based interaction aligns with nature gestures and movements users are accustomed to making it an intuitive tablet to use. 


The iPad has many standard features and security measures that make it a viable, secure device for industrial use. These include a secure boot process, secure enclaves, encrypted storage, and hardware-based encryption features as well as managed app distribution, security updates and patches, and great enterprise integration capabilities. 

Native Augmented Reality Support

High resolution Retina displays and fast chips enable smooth and vibrant rendering of AR content. Cameras and motion sensors help position and overlay virtual objects and content. And its ARKit development framework facilitates AR app development and support.

Easy to deploy

iPads are currently deployed in a myriad of industrial workplaces and organizations. Perhaps yours? Portable and powerful, wirelessly connected, compatible with existing systems, secure and centrally manageable, iPads are a great tool for deskless workers. And with a wide range of ruggedized accessories, they are a very viable option for harsh environments.

Easy to Manage

Many mobile device management (MDM) systems exist to enable IT managers to remote configure settings, deploy apps, enforce security policies and install updates. Widely available remote support and inventory management solutions further aid in managing iPads.