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See how Manifest allows your expert users to easily document and record their tribal knowledge and distribute it across an entire workforce.

See Real-World Success With Augmented Reality Training

All types of organizations have used augmented reality training with Manifest. With our collection of use cases, you can explore how valuable augmented reality (AR) training is for different environments and how this training impacts the quality of work. Our users have found that Manifest can:

  • Increase productivity: With clear action steps, note-taking and action confirmation, workers know what they need to do, and they do it quickly.
  • Decrease training time: Once your training program is built for a given process, every new employee can reference it, saving the time it takes to train in person.
  • Improve performance accuracy: Manifest creates memorable, immersive training experiences that empower employees to be consistent and precise.

Industries We Serve

Manifest has a place in many environments. These AR solutions are for the doers, the operators and the out-on-the-fielders. Some of the most common industries we serve include:

  • Defense: In the defense industry, workers face complex tasks like aircraft maintenancetank mechanics and generator start-up procedures. Augmented reality training and support help teams manage these processes safely, efficiently and in alignment with industry standards.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing teams face massive machinery with specific operator demands, and if these machines are misused, product lines fall short. Manifest creates more immersive training experiences that train floor employees faster and support greater accuracy in the long term. With remote assistance, your best and brightest can lead training wherever they’re located.
  • Utilities: The utility industry is a high-risk field. In-depth training is a must to ensure companies continue to deliver utilities to their service areas without fault. Our AR case studies in utilities look at how these interactive Manifest training sessions are more intuitive for hands-on jobs, like performing maintenance on wireless infrastructure.
  • Transportation: Between shipboards and airplanes, the transportation industry presents involved maintenance processes and detailed job requirements. Manifest is a valuable tool for guiding critical repairs and inspections on ships and aircraft. Immersive AR training is also valuable for teaching pilots how to operate aircraft safely.
  • Lab: Safety is essential in lab settings. With Manifest, lab technicians can undergo thorough and user-friendly training that makes using laboratory equipment easier. AR training can also help lab technicians complete certifications necessary for compliance. 

Request a Demo for Manifest

These use cases showcase Manifest in action and how it can be a valuable addition to your existing training program. While our case studies highlight some of Manifest’s key features, you might be looking for more. When you schedule a demo with us, you can watch the software in action, from building a training program to working through it. Request a demo today.

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Manifest for iPad

Taqtile’s Manifest is designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.