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Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance with Augmented Reality

PGT Industries is a Florida-based manufacturer of windows and doors.  

Like many US manufacturers, their skilled workforce is retiring, and PGT is utilizing advanced technology to help new or less experienced technicians become productive faster. 

PGT factories have complex manufacturing lines and machinery that require regular maintenance.  

PGT turned to manifest to guide technicians through regular maintenance procedures – such as replacing a dynamic mixer on an insulated glass sealing machine. 

Expert technicians use Manifest to document step-by-step instructions for common operational procedures. No special skills are required and instructions can be created at the machinery. 

For each job step spatial markers guide technicians to specific locations on equipment.  

Experts record video notes for detailed instructions which are available to operators as they perform the procedure. 

Technicians following Manifest instructions are proven to complete jobs faster and more accurately.

Instructions as well as supporting PDF manuals, photos, videos, and notes can all be accessed “hands-free”, without worrying about lugging around physical manuals or even juggling a mobile device. 

Taqtile’s Manifest Platform provides the Guidance and knowledge when and where your workforce needs it and makes everyone an expert.