Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Maintenance With PGT Industries

Augmented reality (AR) is an excellent tool for repair and maintenance. PGT Industries leverage the power of AR machine maintenance with Taqtile and experienced just how powerful immersive teaching can be. Manifest® is a purpose-built AR software for training and learning that empowers workers on the field. See how PGT Industries benefited.

PGT Industries Solves Maintenance Challenges With Manifest

PGT Industries is a windows and doors manufacturer based in Florida. Like many other manufacturing operations, PGT Industries is facing a high retirement rate among its skilled workforce. The company is left with newer, less experienced technicians who need extra support to complete maintenance processes correctly. PGT’s factories include a series of complex machines that have extensive maintenance demands.

Manifest is PGT’s solution to its maintenance challenges. With our AR software, employees can perform machine maintenance with step-by-step instructions created by expert technicians. Even with fewer skilled technicians on staff, Manifest empowered the PGT team to share its technical knowledge with its most experienced employees to create consistent and effective maintenance programs

Manifest in Action

In Manifest, PGT experts could document step-by-step instructions for maintenance on every machine. For example, replacing a dynamic mixer on an insulated glass sealing machine is an essential maintenance process. Manifest’s no-code design makes it easy for everyone to navigate the software and create directions without a strong tech background.

For each job, spatial markers on-screen guide technicians to specific areas. Maintenance experts can also record videos of different processes for reference. Additionally, technicians can access secondary materials like PDFs, photos and notes through their AR headset.

With the help of Manifest AR for maintenance, PGT Industries was able to:

  • Increase accuracy: With sensitive and high-value equipment, accurate maintenance is essential. Clear and concise instructions with physical world visuals give technicians everything they need to do a job correctly.
  • Improve uptime: When instructions are clear, maintenance processes are completed faster, and manufacturing processes can start moving sooner.
  • Encourage knowledge share: Even as PGT’s skilled workforce dwindled, they could still capture the knowledge of the long-time technicians and carry it through to every new hire. 

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Manifest can be your solution to maintenance and knowledge sharing within your company. Maintenance is one route for our AR software, but it can also be a valuable training tool for many processes. Bring immersive and easy-to-follow lessons to your team and experience a transformation in accuracy and productivity. Request a demo today to see Manifest in action. 



Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.