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Remote Assistance with Augmented Reality

Remote assistance with augmented reality using the Manifest® AR platform. The Manifest Connect feature within Manifest allows users to connect with one another while using Manifest.  The Manifest Connect capabilities include being able to call web to web or web to device.  Other features include being able to share a video, share a file and share a job with another user. You can find this functionality in the 3D client on the user command strip or in the web portal side menu. 

PBC Linear, a Chicago manufacturing company, uses Manifest for remote support both internally at their factory, and with customers around the globe. 

In this use case, Support Tech Jackson Duncan helps Factory of the Future Manger Beau Wileman troubleshoot a 3D printer extruder problem using Manifest’s remote assistance feature Manifest Connect between a Magic Leap augmented reality head mounted device and the Manifest Web Portal.

With the Manifest Web Portal, pointers, guides, and 3D ink can be displayed onto the AR user’s experience to visually assist a remote support issue. Manifest Connect calls can be initiated from the Job Board or any step in any job template. Teams can share photos, videos, and job steps can also be handed off to team members. 

Learn more about Manifest Connect at the Community site.