Augmented Reality in Hands on Learning Environment

Learning Alliance Corporation uses Manifest® AR Platform for wireless infrastructure training.

My name is Derrick Francis. I’m the Director of Training here at Learning Alliance. And I’m responsible for all our training and our programs.

I think the AR is going to have a massive impact on the consistency of the training that we’re able to deliver.

This guarantees that each step is followed and it’s the same thing repeat-ably each and every single time

It’s hard to just pick up a piece of paper and learn from a piece of paper. This gives you that piece of paper with context. And you can touch it. You can touch it while you’re learning about it. It’s a really fantastic integration to the whole learning-while-doing model.

The students love it. See it. See the UI. See the AR overlay on what they’re doing. It’s been a great experience for them. They really feel that the training has stepped up significantly.

I’ve had a fantastic experience with Manifest. The UI has been extremely friendly. And just being able to take it, put those steps down, and start adding in the notes and everything to it. 

It’s very friendly to use for someone who has no technical background at all.



Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.