Field Service Management with Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

This product looks like it has limitless use cases for the industry. I see the remote support as a huge value add.

Kenneth Zink

Operations Manager

Timberline communications

Using Manifest augmented reality field service management and remote assist software, a team of TCI engineers perform a commissioning checklist procedure on a 25 kw generator located at a 5G cell tower site.

The name of our company is Timberline Communications. We serve wireless infrastructure throughout New England. TCI works for a broad range of customers. The big three that are out there, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

We’ll do everything from the ground work to installing the cabinets, electrical, generator installs, as well as the cellular equipment on the towers.

We do 25 kilowatt DC generator commissioning. This is the point where the generator has been installed by the electrician and wired to the cabinet, and now we have to perform the startup function.

A real great benefit is to produce a closeout package as you’re going through the process. That just saves you an extra step at the end of the project where typically we’re spending another day to capture the closeout information, where this could be doing it all along.

Remote assistance is invaluable because we can get it right the first time and not spend money on the return trips, the fixes. Once I’ve enabled Manifest Connect the subject matter expert can actually draw or place targets or direct you in the HoloLens.

It’s been a great experience pairing with Taqtile and their Manifest software. this product looks like it has limitless use cases for the industry. I can see the remote support being huge. Just having a question and not slowing an entire crew down because the question can’t be answered in time I see it as a huge value add.



Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.