Augmented reality maintenance and remote support for Navy and Defense

Taqtile is passionate about empowering sailors to be self-sufficient maintainers of their equipment with the capability to perform at-sea repairs and to support all operations. 

Taqtile’s Manifest’s work instruction platform allows sailors to accomplish routine and complex preventative maintenance. 

Manifest’s in-situ authoring capability decreases the time to create work instructions from weeks to hours. Experts can create step-by-step guidance with no programming or special skills required. 

Operators, maintainers and their teams efficiently follow work instructions to perform inspections, or complete complex and unfamiliar tasks working independently or while collaborating with teammates.  

Integrated communications allow workers to reach back to experts in real-time. See what I see video streaming empowers experts to remotely obtain context and offer situational guidance.  

Manifest can be integrated into other IT systems, such as sensor data, to streamline workflows and decision-making. 

Supervisors track work progress, training, fault codes, and related evidence and performance, to help the workforce move faster, reduce human error, while increasing quality and consistency.

Manifest is designed to work in secure, austere, and remote locations. It can be deployed in the cloud, on site, or offline. It has multiple layers of cyber security. And it works on all the devices that matter.

Manifest has been procured and put to use by a variety of industry and defense organizations including: Raytheon, Fairbanks Morse, Booz Allen Hamilton, Gerdau, Novartis, Atomic Weapons Establishment, Royal Australian Navy, New Zealand Army, US Army, US Air Force, and many others. 



Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.