Power Substation Maintenance with Augmented Reality Work Instruction

Sound Transit is the public transit agency for the greater Seattle Metro area. It manages a complex fleet of vehicles and supporting infrastructure that services over 45 million riders a year and requires regular service and maintenance. 

With a growing complexity of systems and fleets and a younger, less experienced workforce, Sound Transit is leveraging technology to harness, distribute, and apply institutional knowledge for operational procedures. 

Sound Transit uses Manifest to document maintenance tasks and guide less experienced workers. Workers follow step-by-step directions that appear in their field of vision when wearing an AR headset. 

Each step can be enhanced with photos, notes, and PDF manuals – bookmarked to a specific page. 

For complex steps, videos can be recorded and made available to technicians so they can preview a sub procedure before performing it. 

No special skills are required to create the instructions. And headsets, or iPads can be used to create them.  

Each step can be spatially anchored to a location on a piece of equipment to show workers where to perform the action. 

When workers follow these instructions, they complete maintenance procedures faster and more accurately.  

Manifest makes everyone an expert.



Manifest for iPad

Designed for iPad’s familiar, intuitive user interface, powerful video capabilities, and native augmented reality support.