Transforming Training for the Deskless Workforce with AR-enabled Work Instructions

Augmented training, based on AR-enabled work instructions, will fundamentally change training for the deskless workforce while driving efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness for organization.


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Deskless Workers Require More Training

Current macro trends in the global labor market are demanding a better, more efficient approach to training that will transfer knowledge faster and help decrease the time to productivity for all workers.

Often working in hazardous and regulated environments with complicated machines and systems, deskless workers must acquire specialized skills and knowledge including technical skills, safety protocols, equipment operation & other job-specific competencies to perform their tasks safely,

AR-Enabled Work Instructions Provide an Agile Training Tool

Traditional training approaches fail to keep up with the pace of change while a skills gap often develops within in many workplaces as experienced workers retire, and younger employees enter the workforce less equipped. AR-enabled work instructions offer a flexible and modern tool for implementing an agile and effective training system and methodology to ensure workforce proficiency.