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Supercharge your work instructions with hyper-realistic 3D models

3D models are an incredibly powerful way to augment your digital work instructions by providing insight and understanding that is simply not possible any other way. They enable workers to virtually interact with physically large pieces of equipment that may be hard to access or transport for training purposes. They provide a tool for experts to use when providing remote assistance. And animated models can provide a visual aid for understanding the inner workings of a piece of equipment, critical for performing many repair and maintenance procedures. 

Taqtile’s Manifest now supports Azure Remote Rendering which will render and stream the highest quality 3D content available in AR environments, enabling Manifest users to stream and interact in real-time with 3D models that have an amazing level of detail. 

Check out this video of Manifest displaying a model of the Apollo spacecraft’s command and service module.  The details are stunning! 

Unlimited support for the most detailed 3D models

Remote Rendering eliminates any restrictions or limitations in the size or complexity of 3D models due to device limitations. Remote Rendering leverages the computing power and security of Azure to render models in the cloud and stream them in real-time to the Manifest 3D application on Microsoft’s HoloLens 2. When every detail matters, exceptionally detailed models can be utilized to help workers understand complex information. 

Faster time-to-utility

Azure Remote Rendering enables the rendering of the hundreds of millions of polygons required to build complex 3D models and stream them in real-time to mixed-reality devices with low latency. This eliminates the need for assistance from an expert 3D designer with manipulating the models for optimization and decimation before incorporating them into Manifest.   

Lower costs to use 3D models

Eliminating the need to optimize 3D models will save time and resources.  The most complex models could require up to 2-man weeks of work. Azure Remote Rendering offers a cost-effective alternate to simply host and stream the original model.  And it only costs a modest few dollars per hour of rendering time.  More details on Azure Remote Rendering can be found here. 

Customer managed hosting

All 3D models are hosted with customers’ Azure accounts and using their resources. So, customers have complete control of the Azure resources, hosting and rendering – including in which geography the model is hosted. 

Support for Azure Remote Rendering is available in the latest update for the Manifest 3D application, version 2.6. Release notes and details on additional features of this update are available here. 


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