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Happy New Year Manifest Users

Thank you for the the support in 2021

Despite all the challenges that 2021 presented to the business community, we feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to help so many deskless workers rise above these challenges and get their jobs done. With the help from our trusted partners – leading system integrators, solution providers, and telecommunications vendors – we have helped companies stay on track and stay productive, safely. 

Throughout 2021, Manifest enabled organizations to capture and share expertise to upskill new workers and maintain consistency of operational tasks.  With its integrated communications capabilities, Manifest also enabled technicians and engineers in the most remote locations to work together and collaborate. 

In 2021, Taqtile customers continued to use Manifest in all sorts of diverse ways. Just a few examples of usage included: 

  • An equipment manufacturer used Manifest to decrease the time to train young factory workers on complex production procedures.  

  • Servicepeople used Manifest to increase the accuracy of tank inspections while collecting better data for maintenance and field service improvements. 

  • Manifest helped decrease return visits of field service teams commissioning generators for new 5G cell towers. 

  • A pharmaceutical manufacturer leveraged Manifest to help their technicians competently operate complex machinery. 

  • A telecommunications networking equipment supplier used Manifest to aid in remote audits of facilities prior to implementing a hybrid work model. 

All the while, our development team worked diligently to advance the Manifest platform and deliver more value to both new and existing customers.  With over 20 releases throughout the year, we have been constantly responding to customers’ requests and delivering new features. We worked hard to make sure Manifest supports our customers’ existing infrastructure so that it will be available everywhere it is needed and on all devices that frontline workers are using.  We listened to our customers and incorporated feedback to make Manifest more intuitive and even easier to use. 

Some of the highlights include: 

More Device Options Having the right tool for the job is critical and we are committed to providing device options to Manifest Users. In 2021, we shipped new Manifest apps supporting Android-powered devices and RealWear eyewear. We provided major updates to Manifest for both Magic Leap and HoloLens head-mounted displays. And our iPad app also received some major enhancements to support all core use cases. 

Inspections and Audits We heard from our customers that inspections and audits are critical to delivering high-quality product and maintaining equipment and facilities. So, we delivered a complete fault reporting and resolution system completely integrated within Manifest. Now, anyone with access to Manifest has access to this capability. Inspect away! 

New Tools for 3D Models As Manifest users continue to increase their integration and use of 3D models, we wanted to provide more tools to manage and manipulate these models. And we did that. So as workers use 3D models to better understand equipment assembly or disassembly, or investigate a model of a machine during training, or collaborate remotely using a digital twin, they now have more ways to interact with these models. 

Numerous Usability and performance enhancements We are committed to continuous improvements to incorporate user feedback and refine Manifest to make it easier to use. In 2021, we made things run faster, and made the user interfaces more streamlined and easier to navigate.  Many updates have been made to make documenting and creating new procedures faster and more repeatable such as creating templates from Excel or editing videos within Manifest.

And we are not stopping there.  We are charging ahead in 2022 and plan to work harder than ever to deliver more innovation to help our customers get their jobs done better and faster.  Some of our areas of focus will include 

Enhanced Productivity On-the-job productivity will increase as Manifest users will automatically see the jobs, procedures, equipment, and data that is most relevant to their responsibilities and work. With streamlined access to whats most important, workers will get more work done faster with Manifest. 

More Collaboration Work rarely gets done in isolation and usually requires collaboration among team members.  Manifest was designed with integrated features that both enable and encourage this team work so that workers can leverage their colleagues’ skills to get work done faster and better.  We have a lot of ideas about how we can do more. We’ll be introducing new, powerful ways to interact and learn from team members in the coming releases of Manifest. 

Optimized for Every Device We’ll continue to optimize Manifest for the broad range of devices that are customers are using today. We are committed to ensuring that Manifest supports the most powerful and innovative head mounted displays and wearables while also supporting the cost-effective mobile devices that are often already in the hands of frontline workers.  

Even FasterEasier, and Better Ways to Use Manifest We are committed to understanding how our customers are using Manifest. Regular conversations, usability testing, and feedback helps us learn from our expert, even new Manifest users. We are regularly incorporating these learnings in our product plans and enhancements and that will continue in 2022.  We want to make using Manifest as easy and intuitive as picking up a wrench and turning a bolt. 

We are excited about 2022 and if you are an existing or future Manifest user, you should be too!  

Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2022.


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