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Manifest gets personal

"Give us the tools and we will finish the job."

Winston Churchill

At Taqtile, we believe people are inherently driven to achieve, innovate, and simply do a great job every day. And when armed with the right tool, technology and autonomy, people will do just that.  They will get their jobs done and do them well.

So, everything we do, every product and technological innovation we make, exists to empower, and equip people with the tools they need to complete their job flawlessly, accurately, and to completion every time. We create the tools of tomorrow to improve processes and workflows, train the next generation of hands-on workers, and eliminate the barriers between machine and operator, location, and time.  We are confident that when we give you the tools, you will finish the job.

But with any useful tool, it must be well designed. And technology tools often are not. They have a well-deserved reputation for getting in the way. But not Manifest.  Our design ethos from the start has been to keep it simple – make it easy to use and make it something people want to use.

We made it easy

Manifest doesn’t require any special coding or development skills. You don’t need a degree to use it.  It was designed to be used by the millions of deskless workers that are experts in their fields, not technology.  We designed it so your experts can capture their expertise by digitizing the procedures they know well in step-by-step, AR-enabled work instructions that less experienced team members can follow to perform their jobs accurately and consistently. And we provide plenty of integrated tools to help.  For example, if you would like to enhance your instructions with videos, there is no need to go find and learn a complicated video editing solution. Everything you need to capture, edit, and incorporate videos into your instructions is built right into Manifest. We even provide voice-over capability so if you need to make some changes in guidance, you need only shoot that video once.

We made it compatible

We designed Manifest to work in your environments – with your machines and devices, and with your existing technologies and systems. Use Manifest on your iPad or Android devices – the same devices you and your kids (or parents) might be using at home. Does your job require hanging off a tower or using both hands? No problem, you can run Manifest on many of the wearables and heads-up displays that are being adopted in industrial environments.  And if you need to share data with a work order system or reporting engine or synchronize with IoT devices, Manifest has an open API to facilitate integration.

We made it flexible

We have also designed Manifest to be deployed in a manner that suits your needs.  Most of our customers use our SAAS-based model which eliminates many traditional IT challenges and makes installing, updating, and managing the solution hassle-free.  But for those that need more control and more security, Manifest’s containerized, Docker architecture enables full deployment on-premise, completely within your IT infrastructure.  Manifest can also be used in an air-gapped environment – completely disconnected from the internet. And if you need to use Manifest offline, both authoring and editing as well as following work instructions is supported (no one else does that)!

Now we are making it yours

And now we are making Manifest yours.  No, not your organization’s, not your teams – yours. Our dev and product teams have raised the bar yet again and just released another big update.  Manifest 2.5 fundamentally changes how you get to work with Manifest. It surfaces the most relevant and pertinent information and data for you to limit your clicks and searches and get you where you want to be faster.  In short, it helps you get to work faster and get your jobs done in less time.

At the heart of the release is a new Dashboard that you can immediately access when you sign on to Manifest. The Dashboard is filled with information, procured just for you

  • Your favorites. Favorites have been expanded to support Locations, Asset Classes (equipment classes), Assets (equipment), Templates (procedure work instruction templates), and Chats.  Any of your Favorite types will show up in your Dashboard, enabling quick access to the equipment you’re responsible for, procedures that you often use, or Chat strings and contacts that you regularly call.

  • Your jobs. My Jobs provides a view of all the Jobs that are assigned to you. So just select the Job you need to complete today and get to work. If you need to work offline, you can simply select the Job to take offline, download, and get to work immediately.

  • Your recent activity. Recent Activity displays any recent Jobs, Templates, and Assets that you have been working on. So, it is simple to quickly pick back up where you left off.

And all this information can be filtered by Location so that you will only see information relevant to where you are currently working. Finding and accessing your information in Manifest has never been faster or easier.

To complement the new dashboard, we have made several design enhancements that sort and organize information better in order to facilitate understanding and decision making. These areas include job listings, alert notifications, and locations.

We encourage you to review all the details of this exciting release here. 


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