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Augmented reality (AR) is evolving at a rapid pace to address challenges in our modern world. Between creating immersive training programs to transforming customer experiences, AR is a market worth paying attention to. Taqtile is one of many thought leaders and innovators in AR, and our news hub is an excellent place to keep up with our developments and global changes.

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There is great potential for 5G to usher in significant near-term business impacts in the enterprise, and augmented reality (AR) applications will be the poster child that demonstrates the value of 5G.

Stay Plugged Into AR Developments

At Taqtile, we specialize in AR development with our software, Manifest®. While our team has worked hard to develop the many incredible features that make Manifest a valuable addition to teams across industries, AR technology is always changing. We believe in staying updated on the latest news and developments in the world of AR, so we can find ways to innovate ourselves. 

If AR fascinates you, our news hub is the place to be. We keep up with the latest inventions in AR tech and other related topics to keep you informed about how the world continues to change. Learn about technology goals within industries like manufacturing and defense or explore larger market changes for AR products. We also use our news hub to share new technologies that are worth exploring.

Learn About Taqtile’s Work

Another big part of our augmented reality news is sharing updates on Taqtile and what we’re doing to strengthen our software. Manifest is a piece of technology that transforms the physical world with customized training programs, and it has space to become something greater. 

As the world of AR continues to evolve, we keep up by exploring different avenues for Manifest and how it can impact productivity, safety and operational costs. We continually search for ways to improve user interface, integrate new time-saving features and make our software more comprehensive. Find changes to our software with news about our enterprise platform on iPad, or our experience at the Sea-Air-Space expo

This idea-sharing may spark new ideas or workflows for your team or prove to you how valuable Taqtile can be to your organization. Whatever your reason may be, we’re glad you’re exploring the wider world of AR.

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Explore the AR industry and how the world continues to change with these technologies. Taqtile is a leader in AR training, and we have plenty to share on larger market shifts and developments to our software. Explore our news articles today. You can also learn more about Manifest, and request a demo to see it in action.