Augmented Reality News

Augmented reality (AR) is evolving at a rapid pace to address challenges in our modern world. Between creating immersive training programs to transforming customer experiences, AR is a market worth paying attention to. Taqtile is one of many thought leaders and innovators in AR, and our news hub is an excellent place to keep up with our developments and global changes. Read about the latest news from Taqtile.
The President and CEO of Learning Alliance Corporation wants graduates of his organization to be more than safe climbers. He wants them to be better trained, so they can become profit centers for their employers in a short period of time and with a pathway forward for success in their careers.
5G will influence and enable the industries, jobs and technologies of the next decade. We sat down with Taqtile, a Seattle-based software and augmented reality company, to talk about how they are using 5G-enabled mixed reality solutions to help companies improve workforce training, knowledge transfer and productivity.