VRWorldTech Magazine Issue 12: Taqtile preview

Issue 12 of VRWorldTech Magazine highlights how Taqtile manages to provide the means to both acquire and transfer knowledge effectively with AR work instruction tool Manifest in a discussion with chief customer officer Kelly Malone

The company profile in Issue 12 of VRWorldTech Magazine, of Seattle-based software company Taqtile, deals with a subtle but definite distinction between knowledge acquisition and transfer.

It is one that should be apparent to businesses looking to maintain and retain knowledge within their workforces, particularly at a time when a new generation of workers, one that is fluent in digital technologies, is entering the jobs market while another is retiring out.

The distinction is also addressed by Taqtile and its flagship platform, the Manifest augmented reality (AR) work instruction tool for deskless workers, be it engineers who fix telecommunications infrastructure, or frontline employees operating or repairing manufacturing equipment.

Manifest helps train and upskill these and many other kinds of workers by, crucially, providing the means to both acquire and transfer knowledge effectively.

Issue 12 of VRWorldTech Magazine highlights how Taqtile manages to accomplish this feat with Manifest in a discussion with chief customer officer Kelly Malone.

Below is a key quote from the company profile and the embedded pages from Issue 12 of VRWorldTech Magazine.

“Our ability to easily author step-by-step work instructions in AR without the worker needing to know anything about software development or computer-aided design is critical.”

Kelly Malone, Taqtile

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