Apps for Humans.

Taqtile offers platforms for building amazing user experiences.
Unleash new potential with rich applications for mixed reality, VR, and mobile.


Use Manifest to learn and perform complex and sophisticated actions, or to teach them. Manifest fulfills the human potential behind mixed reality capabilities.



HoloMaps is the first app of its kind for navigating through a holographic model while simultaneously overlaying real-time data in either a solo or shared experience.



Pedestal brings the design process to mixed reality, enabling collaborative holographic visualization of 3D models, including annotation, markup, and IoT integration.

Optimized for Mixed Reality

All of our products were built to work seamlessly with Windows Mixed Reality devices, including HoloLens.

Out of the Box

Unlike most HoloLens solutions, HoloMaps, Manifest, and Pedestal can all be deployed instantly, without any integration or setup.


With HoloLens, our products can be used anywhere. This allows your business to work on your terms, and not be limited by cables and desktop rigs.

Multiple Form Factors

Our products can also support a wide variety of other devices, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard.


Pedestal, Manifest, and HoloMaps for Enterprise can integrate any relevant custom data. See product pages for details.


Work with colleagues and clients locally or remotely, synchronously or asynchronously. All of our products can be used as a shared experience.

Taqtile News

We are very excited about the possibilities mixed-reality brings that offer new perspectives for our fans to help the appreciate the skill of PGA TOUR players and the drama that takes place at our tournaments every week. The size and scope of our playing fields offer a unique visual challenge and the promise of this technology is really big in bringing to life the skill it takes to compete every week on TOUR. It’s particularly exciting to see the integration of data from our ShotLink system powered by CDW.- Steve Evans, SVP of Information Systems at PGA Tour
Pedestal is a game changer for ShepHerd. Enabling remote collaboration across the globe saves us significant time and material -- instead of producing prototypes and shipping them to customers in Europe, we can simply use Pedestal to review a 3D holographic version of the garment with the customer in real time.- George Zheng, CEO at ShepHerd Inc.
Taqtile's El Clásico HoloLens experience can be transformative for athlete and team performance review. At the feature level, the synchronization of video replays with holographic players on the field is incredible.- John Mathieu, Director Global Business Development at Microsoft

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