Top XR Vendors majoring on Manufacturing

Vendors Innovating in the Manufacturing Landscape

As a tool capable of enhancing everything from customer experience to collaboration, extended reality is quickly gaining steam in the manufacturing and industrial landscape.

From comprehensive VR environments where people can work together remotely over digital twins of products, to AR solutions which allow professionals to access expertise on the move, there’s something for everyone.

Of course, in the industrial and manufacturing landscape, there are specific requirements to consider when choosing an XR vendor.

Some spaces require headsets to be more durable or capable of withstanding dangerous environments or conditions. Some industrial companies also need their technology to work easily in low-bandwidth environments.

Today, we’re looking at some of the XR vendors delivering the kind of custom experiences industrial and manufacturing leaders need.


Taqtile is a leader in the extended reality space for employees on the move. With this innovative company, brands can access a more immersive environment for harnessing information in the industrial landscape and sharing it on a better scale. Tools like the Manifest platform ensure companies can distribute information to deskless and virtual workers wherever they are.

With Taqtile, brands can build more effective training environments for new members of staff, but they can also provide existing team members with more support as they work.

The technology supports real-time streaming of crucial information and guidance from experienced technicians and subject-matter experts anywhere.

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