Taqtile Manifest to Digitise Inspections, Compliance

Taqtile's innovative AR platform now allows compliance workers to conduct fast and efficient remote inspections

XR Today – Taqtile, a US firm specialising in augmented reality (AR) enterprise workflow solutions, announced on Thursday it had added features to its Manifest platform, allowing remote and deskless workers to perform inspections and eliminating the need for paper-based processes.

Workers can now conduct inspections, quality control checks, and audits remotely via the innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, digitally transforming a formerly complex process into a streamlined, highly efficient and integrated process with AR.

“Manifest enables organizations to institute new levels of accountability for critical inspections. Antiquated paper-based processes for conducting inspections are full of holes, prone to mistakes, and lack the ability to be reliably tracked, making inspection digitization a strategic priority for many of our customers”

Kelly Malone, Chief Customer Officer

Upgrades to Manifest Platform

The Seattle, Washington-based firm’s innovative platform untethers organisations from the ‘paper chase’ by incorporating compliance, maintenance, and other regulatory processes on head-mounted displays, complete with all the tools needed to inspect company equipment, workspaces, and facilities.

Deskless workers can also trace the entire process via their iPads or headset devices across procedures, from start to finish, to record data for reports, compliance tasks, and future reviews.

The firm explained its platform can also record completion evidence, fault reporting, and highly-detailed work logs for company records, as well as provide added interoperability with other enterprise apps.

The platform also provides real-time guidance from remote experts to check collected data, and the solution can also employ spatial mapping to overlay, locate, and note specific concerns in a facility.

Manifest can also share files such as video and pictures for remote viewing from experts, and devices can stream real-time video to collaborate with others.


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