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DigitalTrends: How is 5G helping businesses in the U.S. right now? We asked the experts

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5G and Augmented Reality in boosting employee efficiency

digitaltrends – Beyond operations, 5G also benefits employees, experts say. “5G technology can boost employee performance, efficiency, and safety,” according to Hays. Proithis agrees, saying high data speeds and low latency enable a class of AR applications that can significantly reduce employee training time while increasing the quality of knowledge transfer. He points to the example of “companies like Taqtile (a Capstone technology partner) [that] have created a class of AR tools that easily allows anyone to capture the data around how to execute a task.”

Experts believe 5G has the potential to bring small and mid-sized businesses to a level playing field.

In this process, the task expert can use AR goggles or even a smartphone to document a task as it is performed by another expert. “Thanks to the 5G network, the user can see a superimposed layer of information on top of what they are seeing with their natural vision,” says Proithis. “Anyone who has ever played a modern video game is accustomed to an information layer, and we can now put it to work to drive efficiency.”

The best part? Experts believe 5G has the potential to bring small and mid-sized businesses to a level playing field. “Though most early experimentation is likely to happen in larger enterprises with more technology and resources,” Hays says, “5G offers small businesses  the opportunity to connect more with existing customers, access new customers, and achieve levels of operational efficiency that were previously only available to bigger organizations.”

“Just like other new technologies, 5G will trickle down to everyone, just more quickly than usual,” Proithis says.


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