Augmented Reality News

Augmented reality (AR) is evolving at a rapid pace to address challenges in our modern world. Between creating immersive training programs to transforming customer experiences, AR is a market worth paying attention to. Taqtile is one of many thought leaders and innovators in AR, and our news hub is an excellent place to keep up with our developments and global changes. Read about the latest news from Taqtile.
Issue 12 of VRWorldTech Magazine highlights how Taqtile manages to provide the means to both acquire and transfer knowledge effectively with AR work instruction tool Manifest in a discussion with chief customer officer Kelly Malone.
The ultimate question for today’s plant managers is this: How should an organization protect the valuable time of its most seasoned machine operators and engineers by keeping them on sophisticated tasks — and leverage complementary tools such as collaborative robots (cobots) and augmented reality (AR) to delegate everything else?