Exploring augmented reality digital work instructions

Work instructions provide a modern tool for documenting procedures for on-the-job aids and training so that workers can get their jobs done more accurately, consistently, and safely.

eBook Work Instructions Pamphlet Cover

Everything you need to know about great work instructions

  • Good pilot use cases
  • Who to involve
  • Which devices to use
  • The right set of metrics to collect
  • How to evaluate your results
  • How to share your results
  • The Skills Gap problem explained
  • Principles for implementing work instructions
  • Benefits of work instructions

Eliminate the Skills Gap and supercharge your work instructions with augmented reality

With AR and spatially anchored content, work instructions become virtually embedded in the workplace eliminating the cognitive load on workers required to keep track of how, when, and where to perform procedures. Instead, they can focus on the task and complete it at the highest levels.